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The New Moon of April 1st has your clever ruler Mercury involved, to align your natural intelligence with New Moon emotional clarity. And the healer Chiron bang on this Moon sure has your number, in terms of acutely sensitive feelings and the courage to deal with them: rather than intellectualise them out of existence OR sink into a vulnerable swamp, know what I mean?

And it’s happening in your social sector, where you get to connect with your tribe on a brilliant, mentally stimulating level, flitting about networking & turning the world on with your sparkly genius-which you adore. And get a handle on where special friends, as well as wider tribe have your back emotionally; to bond with the people who care in a beautiful, mutually supportive way.

I mean Chiron can also reveal any flawed dynamics with frenemies, or feeling awkward if in the wrong scene? And if so, smart enough to re-direct your considerable communication skills to more constructive interactions… rather than waste time bitching about the idiots, right??

Meanwhile the rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction this month is in your biz sector. This brings up magic professional opportunities, that turn you on because:

- they could be massively financially abundant, with maximum freedom to work on your own, autonomous terms to do something meaningful (thank you lucky Jupiter).

-the destinal synchronicity with which you are guided toward certain work scenarios, that feel genuinely inspiring with a sense of higher vocational-maybe even spiritual purpose (thank you cosmic Neptune).

Especially trine the South Node of existing skills in your work sector, it’s not so much taking crazy risks on some random new gig. More coming to terms with just how good you are at what you already do. With a renewed commitment to doing it even better, to finesse the idealistic career goals of Jupiter/Neptune as they call you to bigger things…Excellent.

Also the Venus/Mars relationship magic, of the last 2 months is finishing conjunct Saturn, in your expansive adventure sector early April. This is tricky, as you are drilling down on the meaning of commitment & romantic security, in the area of your chart most geared to personal growth and lots of emotional freedom to both do your own thing.

Ideally, of course this is a partnership or love affair geared toward supporting one another’s wildest dreams & schemes in the world. So the more you appreciate who each other truly are- enjoy even more committed, sustainable love based on what you already have going on?

Or if single, whilst charging around chasing your dreams/travelling somewhere new, rather than worrying about dating action -you bump into someone just as cool & switched on as you, and chemistry based on long term compatibility unexpectedly happens, when least expected.

Or if any suffocating expectations have been cramping your style, in love lately? Ok maybe one of you could be ready to run a mile, and time to deal with that? Maybe letting go could be liberating? Or maybe you do the work together to cultivate a new, unconditional kind of love?

Then the Full Moon of the 17th, in your playful fun sector is a blast. Great for creative self expression, especially syncing Jupiter/Neptune for fab biz opportunities based on what you love to do. And square sexy Pluto in your intimacy sector, for fun romance with a passionate edge!

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