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Uranus in your soul sector is stirring up such a tetchy drive to change your life, from deep down in your restless soul. It’s the kind of divine discontent that pushes you to scare yourself, with weird & wonderful dreams you are busting to explore… And the thing is Uranus square Saturn in your vision sector means you might just have a plan, to make your meaningful aspirations a reality IF you’re prepared to walk your talk with sufficient discipline.

And lucky Jupiter, also in your vision sector slays any doubts and says yes you can pursue your brilliant, full potential -because life is meant to be an adventure right?

Meanwhile Mars in Gemini, from March 4th-April 24th fires up your most magnificent physical vitality, sexy charisma & lust for life. So why wouldn’t you believe in yourself & live large at the moment –if not now when? And worth reflecting on whatever clear intentions you set for yourself when Mars hit the Destiny Point around March 27th and be sure to keep walking your talk on that-perseverance is everything here.

Then the New Moon of the 12th is all about getting out & about for that sparkly social butterfly, chatty networking buzz you adore. Venus brings your natural charm to the fore, lovely tribe to have fun with & maybe creative collabs or biz opportunities if you’re in professional hustle mode? Especially syncing Mars in your sign for all that shameless self-confidence we’ve been talking about…

And of course Venus & Mars is nice for romance, with your flirty wiles on point in the world, or if you happen to be on the dating scene? But even more Venus is exactly square sexy Pluto in your 8th house of intimacy/passionate entanglements. So it’s your deep, meaningful relationship that vibes smoking hot this month, if you already have someone special to work at next level connection with? Or maybe an attraction you decide to toy with suddenly gets complex/intense & rocks your world, ready or not?

Then Venus/Uranus around the 23rd is a light bulb moment, to clarify the dreams & creative schemes that turn you on…

Because the Full Moon of the 27th is perfect, to manifest the life you want to live. You get the importance of a holistic health regime for peak functionality, and sharp professional instincts to thrive at work –especially trine Mars in your income sector, to make good coin doing something meaningful. Excellent.

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