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Gemini Full Moon, exact 2.08pm Dec 8th, AEDT. To the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month, Gemini tends to reveal a Pandora's box of complex feelings:

We get to play with our own emotional duality, for maximum self awareness and embrace the multi-faceted aspects of our situation. We allow ourselves to be complicated creatures, as we embrace our kaleidoscopic moods as they come & go. And explore the subtle nuance of relationship dynamics. The more we keep the conversation with our loved ones stimulating, we enjoy fascinating interactions that genuinely turn us on.

Which keeps us on our toes, emotionally intelligent in a good way.

Or we can be skittish, with nervous energy that dissipates our capacity to focus. The tendency to over-analyse everything, to headfuq ourselves as an attempt to actually feel anything real? Which can be most problematic when we start playing games with each other, for the recreational thrill of headfuq communication? Yeah no, just another distraction right??

Because this Moon conjunct Mars is tricky. On one hand we're fired up to express ourselves; but what with Mars retrograde trine disciplinarian Saturn, with Gemini ruler Mercury in Saturn ruled Capricorn, we may feel awkward & klunky despite our best attempts to be sparkly articulate?

Ideally we allow ourselves to pull our head in, and realise we are in reflective mode; questioning our own beliefs with the integrity of honest self-enquiry. Taking the time to figure out what we are even on about, before we attempt to force our ideas on anyone else. And even better, open to certain conversations that reveal a while new point of view, as you both appreciate one another's different perspective, know what I mean?

Which is way better than the temptation to assume we are being judged, just because someone else has a different opinion, and become bitchy/self defensive because of our own insecurity?

Let's enjoy whatever fresh perspective awakens a healthy emotional response for this Moon, with an open heart & mind, Happy Gemini Full Moon folks, let's have some fun with it x

Image: the wonderful Danielle Noel.


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