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New Moon in Gemini, exact 8.52 pm June 10th AEST; it's a Solar Eclipse bang on Gemini ruler Mercury, just in storm phase turning retrograde, so quite the Gemini extravaganza...

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, to get clear about our feelings, and gosh this being an Eclipse we are feeling whatever is going on with incandescent intensity. Especially with Mars in the last degree of emo Cancer, bringing up all the passive/aggressive issues we may or may not have been trying to repress for the last few months. So we suddenly don't have any choice but to face up to our own and everyone else's reactions/tricky relationship dynamics etc and deal with it -it's kind of volatile out there folks!

Meanwhile the hyper mental complexity, busy mind and complex interpersonal dynamics of Mercury retro can be tempting to create even more elaborate misunderstandings , mental gymnastics and headfuq ourselves by thinking way too much...which is all just an excuse to avoid actually feeling anything right?

Or it can be the emotional oxygen to step back, create space to process our genuine feelings sans belligerent drama just because we are triggered or whatever; the better to remain calm, composed and self-aware in our thoughts & communication. Maybe use Gemini genius to inspire positive thoughts, to play with cool new intentions in our life, I mean if we're in flux anyway might as well have fun with it? And maybe the suave communication skills to re-negotiate the rules of engagement advantageously, in certain key dialogues & close connections?

The choice is ours this week, to wonk out and lose our shizz or navigate the storm with emotional intelligence hmmm? Lets choose wisely...

Happy Gemini Eclipse, lets keep it sweet x


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