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New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, especially in Pisces we feel things with acute sensitivity -and extra specially this one (exact 8.20pm March 13th, AEDT) has Venus & magical Neptune at home in Pisces for truly sublime vibes. Venus is exquisite creative inspo & love magic, and Neptune brings divine mystical inspiration. It's rapturous. cosmic & romantic in every sense, but it does pay to keep it high frequency, because the energy can also wonk out weird & confusing at warp speed if we're not careful! Here are some common examples of how this Moon could play out:

True love! You meet a soulmate with spooky synchronicity. You have a special moment with your partner, to remind you both how much you adore one other to the moon & back. The lover you are yearning for calls, just in time. You make the effort to look after a loved one when they are most vulnerable, because caring compassion matters. You heal an old wound with an ex or whatever, the better to forgive, forget & move on to better things.

Batshit romantic delusion. You are obsessing over someone unavailable -nursing a crush that's never gonna happen, trying to nurture a lover too wounded to love you back, holding onto an ex who's already on the run etc. And maybe trying to compose some txt or whatever to pull them toward you is only driving you mad?

Relishing the finer pleasures in life -nice wine, gourmet dining, great music & delightful company create an enchanted evening to enjoy. OR. Greedy, out of control, destructive appetites. Getting hammered/intoxicated just because you can & bound to feel like crap in the morning -and too toxic to appreciate the higher calling of this Moon?

Making wonderful art. Communing with your muse, just for the bliss of losing yourself in the creative process, and maybe finessing your most spectacular talent to show off in the world. Or enjoying great literature/film/music/art to lift your spirits.

Meditation, yoga, healing personal growth or whatever spiritual practice connects you with the divine aspect of your nature.

This is such a deliciously divine Moon, let's be disciplined enough to avoid the pitfalls & keep it high end, huh?

Happy Pisces New Moon folks x

Image: Such a beautiful painting by Lucy Campbell


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