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So here we are, nearly New Years Eve and a Cancer Full Moon -exact 1.28pm Dec 30th AEDT, to see out the trip that was 2020.

Of course Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and Moon ruled Cancer is particularly emo, and my goodness after the wild ride we've had this year we've got a helluva lot of churned up emotions to process right?

I would suggest that this New Years Eve, as much we want to go party & blow off steam after a pressure cooker year (fair enough); we might also be inclined to sit still, lick our wounds, take stock of what we've discovered about ourselves, healthy self care & the vital importance of our healthy, supportive, loving relationships amongst the madness. The better to dream up some positive, genuinely effective New Years resolutions for 2021 with our most considered emotional intelligence. I mean hopefully our instincts are sharp, about the kind of future we want to create from here, so lets really tune into that manifesting power!

Especially with this Moon opposite clever Mercury & awakening the healing power of Chiron in Aries, our self awareness about our personal truth & how to walk it in the world is so acute, we want to stay in touch with that as we prepare for the coming year with our best, clear intentions.

Happy Full Moon folks, and a very Happy New Year xxx


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