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New Moon in Cancer, exact 11.16am July 10th, AEST. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and this one is particularly on point as follows:

The Moon loves being in Cancer of course, her home turf where she is most luminous. We are so in touch with our genuine feelings; with lovely Cancerian emotional intelligence, compassion & inclination to really nurture ourselves and our tribe. And fully tuned into our innate, powerful gut instincts in all areas of life -we are not so much mentally analysing things as trusting our natural, intuitive genius.

Because our intuition is crazy, spooky onto it right now, with this Moon trining magical Neptune at home in Pisces. Our psychic antennae is so finely tuned, to pick up on every nuance in our loving relationship dynamics, creative inspiration in biz/art etc and whatever spiritual practice/dream journalling/meditation etc turns us on to divine guidance & cosmic synchronicity in our lives. Neptune reveals our energetic connection to everything & everyone around us-so best to keep it high end and our intentions/connections sparkly positive right?

Because also this Moon is opposite primal Pluto, to dig deep into whatever consuming desires, conscious or otherwise are driving us right now. We face our shadow crap and internal locus of power to choose healthy, life affirming appetites and rise above any destructive addictions -especially square Chiron to bring empathy & beautiful healing vibes to whatever issues we are currently struggling with. This is quite the transformative, regenerative energy for personal growth, if we keep it real and focused on creatively manifesting healthy, happy outcomes for ourselves and our loved ones.

Happy Cancer New Moon folks, let's feel the vibes and keep it sweet x

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