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Mars fresh in your home turf, the 10th house of brilliant career sector is perfect to begin September, fuelled by fabulously fierce vocational ambition. Just how you like it!

For the next 6 weeks you are a success machine, biz and career wise. And with healthy Ceres conjunct South Node of innate skills and talent, also in your 10th house. It feels like cultivating career goals you’ve been working at for a while is your best look.

I mean Mars energy can be impatient to get on with it, but in this case not so much about much jumping ship vocationally or changing horses mid-stream, just for the buzz of accelerated progress. More the discipline you do so well, with your natural proclivity to work long term strategies; with renewed, sustainable vitality to enjoy a sense of well-earned accomplishment. So yeah, shiny professional determination is your best look this month.

Especially Mars quintile your ruler Saturn early Sept, in your 3rd house of clever ideas/communication skills, that you can leverage to professional advantage. You take the time to work effective strategies, in true, pragmatic Capricorn style.

Also Jupiter/Uranus, in your 5th house of talent and confident self promotion. Taking playful creative risks, on a new way to express yourself feels like fun!

Especially Jupiter retrograde; just in time for the New Moon of Sept 15th in your visionary 9th house, trine Uranus in your 5th and opposite Neptune in your 3rd house. And Mercury turning direct, in your 9th house opposite your ruler Saturn:

Getting your act together by getting the details right, of whatever big life plans you have been brewing lately.

For peak mental & creative inspo, in such a deliciously quirky way. I mean forget the fuddy-duddy, conservative Cap reputation; mid Sept you embrace crazy diamond vibes, shining with wild & wonderful, expansive new ways to chase your dreams!

Meanwhile we need to talk about Venus direct from Sept 4th, in your 8th house of sex, emotional intimacy & financial entanglements:

After the last few months of Venus lurking retro here, you may have been drilling down on tricky issues, with the people you are most deeply connected with. Ideally taking the time to consider one another’s point of view, even if challenging to figure out what the fuq your loved ones have been on about, let alone your own fluctuating desires.

So Venus direct feels nice. Maybe you clear the air, with any lingering misunderstandings finding sweet new ways to get along, maybe even fall in love again with your special someone, to move forward together? Maybe, if single/dating you finally get promising chemistry with someone gorgeous, who shares your confidence to pursue the attraction? Or even if an actual connection/relationship aint happening right now, you get fresh clarity about your own desire nature-the better to be ready, for whenever you encounter your next potential connection?

And auspicious to finesse any financial arrangements/biz collabs, that have felt tricky lately-ideally to mutual advantage?

I mean especially with Jupiter/Uranus in your 5th house of playful romance and good times. Having fun, making quality time with your lover and loved ones is so rewarding. No need to stress about commitment issues or whatever, just being in the moment together is the bliss.

And positive creative schemes work a treat, for life affirming productive energy, as well as finding fab folks to collaborate with. Something to enjoy!

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