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So with your ruler Saturn retrograde May 23rd-Oct 11th this year, you could be forgiven for simply taking time out, accepting everything is delayed & waiting patiently for Saturn direct till you do stuff. And yes there is an element of regenerative rest/charging your batteries till things pick up. But actually as the most strategic sign of all you understand the value of thorough long- term planning, revision & preparation, making these ‘down times’ super productive behind the scenes right? So presumably you have been quietly banging away at your plans/ambitious schemes/personal development etc; so once steady momentum progresses from mid Oct, you are so ready for it.

Especially with transformative Pluto in your sign, you are like the caterpillar in chrysalis stage, perfecting the butterfly you will become when Pluto turns direct, from Oct 7th. Yes October is big for your spunky mojo to reboot -not long now…

Meanwhile the New Moon of Sept 7th in your vision sector, with Mars heading into your biz sector by the 15th is ideal to get your priorities in order. The New Moon is all about setting exciting intentions, especially trine radical Uranus in your talent sector and Venus in your biz sector trine lucky Jupiter in your income sector -might as well be uber confident about your positive potential to thrive. And Mars in your biz sector till Oct 30th is a chance to bring your famous work ethic, to follow through on the goals that matter to you. Yes I’m sure you can feel that lust for life, creative fun and success rising up this month, as you go about your business in the world-good for you!

Then the Full Moon of the 21st, in your ideas/communication sector is ruled by spooky Neptune. On the one hand you are so inspired by wonderful, magical instincts to align you with a higher purpose, and truly compassionate/empathetic conversations with the people who get what you’re on about. But also could be a brief moment of uncharacteristic bonkers schemes & weird misunderstandings -so you do want to keep it as clear, and high frequency as possible right?

Including love, because Neptune on this Moon could be such sublime romantic communion with your lover; little poetic love notes, whispered hints about your true feelings, sweet pillow talk etc to re-enchant the relationship. Or if single flirty wiles, to fascinate & lure a potential crush towards you…especially with Venus charisma on the social/dating scene.

Image: Jane Birkin


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