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Venus in your professional sector opposite Jupiter retro in your home sector Oct 2nd, begins the month with a sense of excitement about career prospects, and redefining the meaning of success to include a happy personal life as you shine in the world.

So Mars in your 6th house of work ethic/health & lifestyle, till March next year is handy:

This brings your best multitasking skills, to work your day job/biz with clever, effective strategies and shmoozy charm, to show off your genius. Not so much working your ass off with a draining workload, as working smart and having fun networking with the right people.

The better to have as much of a flexible lifestyle as possible, for a genuinely healthy, enjoyable work/life balance. You’ve got several months ahead to finesse this, so plenty of time to get it right.

Especially the Full Moon of Oct 10th in your domestic sector conjunct healing Chiron, opposite Venus in your biz sector and sync your ruler Saturn in your 2nd house of personal wealth & the values that matter to you:

Chiron invites you to nurture healthy personal dynamics at home -primo time to make quality time with your family & tribe, just because loved ones matter, of course. And finesse the feng shui/harmonic energy at home, or maybe a new version of where to live; to feel grounded in a healthy, supportive sanctuary from which to thrive.

The better to embrace the fab earning opportunities of Venus showing off your talent career wise, trine savvy Saturn trine Mars to monetise what you do, with those famous biz/financial instincts of yours.

Then Venus trine Mars Oct 18th is auspicious for smooth, productive professional relationships. Especially Mercury in your career sector for getting the details right with suave, mutually advantageous biz negotiations.

Also Venus trine Mars is all about lovely, easy romantic chemistry mid month. But with bitch Lilith triggered in your love sector, your generally pragmatic attitude is more likely to dismiss any romantic interest as extraneous-if it interferes with the integrity of your professional goals?

Also the best relationships support our career imperatives, and maybe you have a moment to appreciate how much your special someone has your back/how well you work together as a functional couple? Or if single/on the prowl I tell you what, so much more likely to unexpectedly meet someone/flash flirtation with perfect synchronicity, just when charging around busy with work concerns. The day job is better than any dating app here!

I mean Uranus/Destiny Point in your 5th house of sweet, fun romance is a thing this month. Could be an exciting diversion, that’s worth it because hey, it’s good to feel alive. Could be making quality time with your lover, because your future together is so promising…

Then the New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse of Oct 25th is in your social sector conjunct Venus. A Venusian Eclipse for spectacular charisma in the world:

Yes flitting around looking good, charming everyone on the scene for kicks being a stunning social butterfly, which you can totally have fun with here.

Also making time for close friends, who can benefit from your inspiring company & support. And maybe networking on a broader level, to hook into whatever tribe/community share your values-as it feels so good to participate meaningfully with the current cultural zeitgeist, right?

Image: Bella Barbera by Troy Coburn


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