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So with Pluto in your sign from late 2009 till late 2025 throbbing away in the background; you have been aware that every challenge is part of a profoundly empowering process of personal transformation right? You’re playing the long game (as usual) & onto it.

But still, Pluto retro since late April this year has been kind of pressure-cooker frustrating, what with lucky Jupiter also retro since late April and your ruler Saturn retro since late May, both in your security/income sector. Gah, the last few months been a bitch much?

But as I’ve said before, you are absolutely the sign most likely to take life’s lessons in your stride, with the pragmatic attitude to turn everything into an opportunity to become more resilient & thrive long term.

Good, so you are prepped for the intense, tangible sense of renewed energy & life force that is Pluto direct from Oct 6th. Especially trine Mercury, bang on the Mars ruled New Moon of the 6th in your career sector. Any professional intentions you have been cultivating suddenly become crystal clear; you don’t even care that Mercury is retro till the 18th as you have the discipline to sort out the details until then. The main thrust of this New Moon is your spunky confidence back big time, with the sheer momentum to chase the goals that matter in your life. You’ve earned any breakthrough opportunities & success coming up here, you success machine you!

Then it gets even better with Saturn direct from the 11th and Jupiter direct from the 18th in your income sector, trine Mars and Mercury direct in your biz sector from the 18th. So mid Oct is phenomenal to action your professional plans & shameless self-promotion with brilliant results. Also to charge around with the swagger of feeling good about yourself, speak your truth & shine your light in the world, just because you can. Nice one.

Meanwhile love? Venus hiding out in your soul sector this month could have you kind of dreaming of ideal romance, but not so much actually putting yourself out there for it? I mean it could be you are so focused on your own, personal growth you feel relationship issues would only interfere for the moment? Or you have some soulmate connection, with a lover who understands your dreams & quality time together in between you doing your own thing -lucky you!

Then Venus trine sparky Uranus in your romance sector, for the Full Moon of the 21st in your domestic/family sector. Which is all about supportive relationships at home, to support your success in the world; the better to share the good times you’ve been working for with the people you care about.

Image: Thierry Mugler


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