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The New Moon of May 1st is a Partial Solar Eclipse, to get the month cracking in your 5th house of fun & talented self-expression:

-with radical Uranus and the Destiny Point of future potential involved, you are way more brazen than usual; about getting out of your comfort zone and being a force for change in the world. I mean this may surprise certain peeps given your usual, conservative reputation?

But gosh it’s a blast to have a good time with new versions of doing stuff you really enjoy, just because it feels good to be alive AND personal growth!

Especially lucky Venus/Jupiter exact in your communication sector for this Moon, your self-expression is magnificent, charming & confident, to get May moving…

Meanwhile, Mars on your ruler Saturn, in your money sector last month was fab confidence to work on the financial security strategies you are such a natural at. Excellent work.

And now Mars into your ideas/communication sector, to play with magical/slippery Neptune by mid month is a whole other game:

I mean as much as Mars wants to force the issue, Neptune suggests reading between the lines, to understand the subtleties of key dialogues in your life. Gentle conversations that broach, as much as possible any sensitive/tricky issues going on are gold; for compassion & mutual understanding.

But also, ha this could be some weirdo lying through their teeth/ trying to scam you-and lucky you are such a sharp customer you see straight through it! Or if you are playing with sneaky verbal games here, for some reason? Watch out, could get super convoluted at warp speed, just so you know! Best keep things as clean & clear as possible, under the circumstances right?

Especially by the Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse of the 16th in your social sector; with Mars/Neptune exact and the radical self-expression of Uranus/Destiny Point in your talent/self expression sector.

This is supremely awesome for:

-broadcasting your actual truth in the world, just because it feels good to keep it real.

-shameless self-promotion to chase fab, success opportunities with networking genius IF you’re willing to walk your talk, of course.

-having fun being a high-functioning weirdo, for the buzz of taking your crew by surprise -very cool.

Meanwhile love?

Venus on the healer Chiron, in your home sector for the Eclipse mid-month is a sweet vibe, for domestic bliss. Especially with positive Jupiter involved, trine nurturing Ceres in your partner sector. Suddenly feels so easy to love your main squeeze up, with easy marital chemistry.

Even if Bitch Lilith involved brings up gnarly issues who cares? A genuinely forgiving/compassionate attitude works wonders here!

And Mars/Neptune, also exact for this Eclipse brings almost psychic mutual understanding, to get each other’s state of mind with just a look over the dinner table etc-and viola cuddles/seduction coming up. Or if single/dating, exquisitely on point flirty wiles…to bring someone you desire into your orbit-maybe even home turf?

Image: Kate Moss


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