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Your ruler Saturn in your income sector is the kind of smart fiscal policy that come naturally to you, so you’ve been kind of in your element lately. Especially lucky Jupiter involved, to entertain particularly grandiose earning schemes…

And to that end the New Moon of the 12th, in your talent sector trine Pluto in your sign unleashes your most brilliant, confident self-expression. Because the buzz of exploring the creative process just for fun, and also you’re prepared to do the work to get better at what you do, for the satisfaction of personal excellence that Capricorn adores. So whilst you’re at it, might as well get some shameless self-promotion in the world on hmmm?

Especially with the Venus/Destiny point magic in your work sector by the 18th. This is such fab inspo, to play your cards right & leverage your innate talent & clever biz skills, for whatever career success you are currently chasing. The better to stay excited about the kind of rewarding lifestyle that doing stuff you love for a living/financial independence affords you -know what I mean?

Meanwhile this New Moon is sweet for playful romance; quality fun times with your lover to rediscover the spark between you, or if single flirt it up on the dating scene just for the thrill of new possibilities.

And Mars in your partnership sector square the healer Chiron in your home sector could bring a deeper commitment; where passionate attraction becomes genuine, nurturing care for one another -and maybe domestic compatibility for shacked up love?

Image: the divine Ms Monroe


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