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So your ruler Saturn in your income sector squaring off Uranus in your play sector this month exposes the classic tension between working hard for a living vs the freedom to pursue your creative interests & have a good time just because fun matters?

Of course being the ambitious creature you are you will tend to lean toward the disciplined approach, especially with Saturn triggering any financial anxieties; so you are quite focused on the imperative to build financial security for yourself no matter what.

And that end you adore Mars in your work sector from the 4th, to fire up your fierce work ethic –you get that you are SO capable of whatever you set your mind to right now. Including a health & fitness regime for the dynamic physical energy to chase your goals -I can see you regularly up at dawn this month, working out feverishly to prepare for a productive day of getting ahead. It feels so fab to seize the day, choose success & make cool stuff happen in your life!

Yes but also Uranus questions what is success? Is it just money, status & survival or what about job satisfaction, creative expression & flexible work/life balance to enjoy the fruits of your labour? I mean if you are going to work so hard to thrive, might as well do it on your own terms right?

Clever Mercury on lucky Jupiter in your income sector around the 5th is excellent, for the positive intentions & clear negotiations to unlock certain earning opportunities. Especially by the New Moon of the 13th in your communication sector; with Venus/Neptune to unleash your stunning, charismatic vibes to put your gorgeous, magical intentions out there in the world.

Then Mars/Destiny Point by the 26th and the Full Moon in your biz sector on the 29th help to focus your energy on the goals that really matter. I mean any professional clarity on your part, or sudden new opportunities coming up late month could be spectacularly promising, just so you know.

And love? Venus/Neptune on the New Moon mid month is a rare opportunity to share your true feelings with someone special. Whether a fluttery crush or serious relationship you’re in –flirty sweet talk works.

Image: Alisa Ahmann by Txema Yesteblu


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