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So your ruler Saturn retro in your income sector square Uranus in your talent sector could have you playing with some weird & wonderful creative process, for fun & also crazy promising professionally -but maybe not so much instant financial gratification for the moment?

And as much as you relish the challenge of exploring new dimensions to what you’re good at; sacrificing cold hard cash whilst you’re at it is generally not your favourite game, because do admit you are a fan of financial security. But I suspect you have a plan right now, to take a calculated risk on some fab but unpredictable scenario that could pay off long term -and goodness knows you are the sign with the patience to play your cards right and succeed no matter what!

Which is where the Solar Eclipse, New Moon of June 10th comes in handy. In your day job sector with the Destiny Point you have such a clear vision of the long-term goals you are working towards, and your professional inspiration is on point. But also bang on Mercury retrograde, you are savvy enough to recognise & assess any tricky details, and exercise due care because you have plenty of time to finesse the process & get it right huh? So no signing contracts, or blundering forward with hare brained schemes (especially with impatient Mars in your biz/finance sector) till after June 24th -or preferably from July 8th when Mercury is out of retro shadowzone.

Meanwhile Venus attracts sweet attention in your love sector this month. Especially around the 12th with unexpected attractions suddenly flaring up, as Mars enters your sex sector just as Venus syncs Uranus in your playful romance sector. Then the Capricorn Full Moon if the 25th has Venus opposite sexy Pluto in your sign. So it’s all about hot, magnetic physical chemistry and deeper, brave emotional intimacy and having fun with your lover just because special moments matter. So whether dating vibes or partnership commitment-feels like Capricorn mating season!

Image: Sasha Pivovarova for Paolo Roversi


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