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It’s all about the Capricorn Full Moon of July 14th, for your vibe this month:

It’s conjunct Pluto in your sign, for a sexy sense of your own capacity for personal transformation. Of course this could feel overwhelmingly intense, like facing certain personal demons you are so ready to slay/ditching bad habits & generally clean up your act. And your reward is a fresh rush of vitality, as you replenish your Qi by tuning into intentions that are actually empowering & life affirming:

Syncing your ruler Saturn, retro in your values/security sector. You kind of realise you are boring yourself to tears, with any attachment to maintaining the status quo just for the sake of it-that is not even productive anymore?

Especially trine radical Uranus/Destiny Point in your 5th house of creative expression and fun. You love discovering how much more effective it is to play with weird & wonderful new ways to work your unique talent; the better to be recognised as an innovative genius in your field and you know, get ahead.

I mean as such a pragmatic sign this makes sense, also why not have a good time doing stuff that turns you on-just because feeling good to be alive matters right now!

And Mars in your 5th house is so energising for this kind of confidence -cruising toward Uranus by August 1st for a game changing opportunity to do your thing in the world. Something to look forward to…

Meanwhile this Moon has caring Ceres and clever Mercury in your love sector. It’s fantastic to get how much the people who matter to you most really understand what you’re on about, to feel fully supported and appreciated for who you are. The better to reciprocate and do healthy, emotionally intelligent relationship dynamics -nice one.

Then Venus in your love sector from the 18th emphasises romance. You get special attention from your lover, and marital vibes are sweet; or if single more likely to attract someone gorgeous to flirt it up with-especially if into women. It’s a lovely mood to flow more easily with promising love affairs.

Then Venus on Bitch Lilith by the 27th ups the ante, with sexy Mars on radical Uranus in your 5th house of fun romance. This is where you’re turned on by the kind of passion that comes from full mutual respect; even if you have some tetchy issues to deal with, the mutual, tricky frisson is at least exciting…

Then New Moon in your sex/intimacy sector of 29th, conjunct caring Ceres is gorgeous; it feels so easy to love with gentle, nurturing compassion for one another. Especially trine positive Jupiter in your home sector; domestic/family/shacked up love relationships become beautifully easy to heal & thrive together.

Image: Paolo Roversi

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