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So your ruler Saturn, retro in your income sector May-October this year has you refining those naturally pragmatic, prudent financial instincts of yours. You are low key scheming clever earning plans with necessary budgetary discipline; you fully know what you are doing long term (as usual) whilst also wary, risk averse and not about to pounce until the time is right. Yes, correct and Saturn/lucky Jupiter both direct in your money sector mid-October is way more auspicious for the next big financial move.

But meanwhile, Mars in your 8th house exactly opposite Saturn July 1st alerts you to financial developments going on right now-that require your attention. The 8th house is all about financial entanglements with family/partners/biz negotiations/tax/debt/investment etc scenarios. Mars could be a tricky challenge/conflict here OR fab opportunity to seize with next level confidence…either way it wakes you the fuq up to the lay of the land huh? Then Venus opposite Saturn by the 12th reveals a brilliant, shmoozy, smooth vibe to negotiate win-win, potentially lucrative outcomes with the whoever you are dealing with.

And the 8th house is also about sex/intimacy entanglements. So same goes for Mars firing up bristling, hot, volatile chemistry with a lover for a pertinent challenge to figure out where you both stand. Then Venus brings sweet, mutual understanding to hopefully make it work…

Because the New Moon of the 10th is in your love sector, opposite Pluto in your sign to unleash your full, courageous, capacity for passion and so much more likely to bond with someone special, who understands where you are coming from. Including Mercury in your love sector from the 12th, for clear communication to talk things through with a lovely meeting of minds.

And just in time for Venus & Mars to hook up in your sexy 8th house, which is such primo astro for thrilling romance, karmic attraction, incredible bedwork-and maybe true love! So yes, mid-July is quite the Capricorn mating season, if it’s on it’s ON.

Or even if travelling solo, I suspect you are coming to terms with your own ideas about what you want from love & healthy boundaries you will maintain, to stay true to yourself the next time love comes knocking on your door right? Yes this will stand you in good stead -and ps the next sparky attraction might just be sooner than you think…

Then the Full Moon of the 24th could clarify the next financial decision, that you were working on earlier in the month-your gut instincts are on point here, just so you know.

Image: Magda Lipiejko


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