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Pluto in your sign for the last several years has revealed your demons and courageous capacity to slay them and, like the phoenix from the flames, rise up transformed with renewed vitality.

And this year, you’re preparing for Pluto in manifesting mode in your home turf, the 2nd house of personal security from March till June, then back in your sign for the rest of the year; to clean house/focus your priorities with crystal clear intentions.

So Venus conjunct Pluto, Jan 1st is an auspicious moment to set some sweet intentions for January, and the rest of 2023. Your vibe is fully high frequency for an empowered, productive several years ahead:

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Jan 7th & Bitch Lilith in your love sector, opposite Sun/Mercury & Pluto in your sign. So to the extent you are self assured as fuq, on a mission to accomplish your full potential in the world; likely to attract someone just as determined to do things their own way -even more uncompromising than you? This sets the scene:

Maybe a magnetic attraction/sexy partnership of equals -with a radiant passion to evolve together, turned on by one another’s radical authenticity? Delicious.

Maybe you’re crushing on someone hot, and realise you can charm the pants off them -cos you’re pretty hot yourself, right?

Maybe conflict flares up in a key relationship; because you’re both so damn headstrong/self righteous about everything? Um, ever heard of compromise??

Or if some actual fuqwit is charging around trying to control freak you, because they’re so enamoured of their own power-ha ha, as if. Your personal boundaries are fiercely on point. Or it must be said, if you are attempting some amusing power play because your competitive instincts have been tweaked, watch out-you might have met your match! Because Mars retro says that anyone initiating drama will lose face, but keeping your cool, with strategic instincts will prevail -know what I mean?

Speaking of Mars retro in your day job sector, your best professional plans are low-key, working toward success in the background. You are a natural at this of course, preferring actual progress to wasting time showing off. But also Mars trine Venus, joining your ruler Saturn in your home turf, the 2nd house of personal security Jan 10th. A bit of clever networking & schmoozing goes a long way -to monetise clever, mutually advantageous biz relationships?

Especially by the New Moon of Jan 22nd in your 2nd house. Venus conjunct Saturn has your famous financial instincts sharp as. Spending money to make money or tight fiscal policy?

And Bitch Lilith, fresh in your 8th house of financial entanglements opposite this Moon, sync Ceres lushing up your career sector. Even your most unorthodox biz arrangements work a treat, if you can convince the right people of your modus operandi?

Image: Daniela Pestova, Vogue Italia


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