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So your ruler Saturn, in your 2nd house of personal wealth since Dec 2020 has been right up your alley. Discipline to focus on long term, sustainable fiscal plans, by dealing with Saturnian delays with your famous patience. Slow growth that favours security is your natural thing of course, rather than being in a mad rush to get ahead. And Feb is your last month to stick to the plan, maybe finessing schemes you’ve been brewing for the last few years?

Because Saturn leaves your 2nd house in March, just in time to for Pluto to turn up! Pluto brings a big, fat, lucrative attitude that fully turns you on; but could not be more different from Saturn in terms of deep, transformative, structural change to your concept of ‘security’, ready or not! You can feel this coming in your bones, hmm?

Meanwhile Venus in your communication sector trine Mars in your work sector, and Ceres in your career sector Feb 5th.

Clever dialogues on the day job, cultivating professional goals that are meaningful to you. What a buzz, to feel so onto your natural talent to schmooze & hustle with the right people, with perfect timing!

Perfect for the Full Moon of Feb 6th, in your 8th house of financial entanglements & biz negotiations.

I mean with Bitch Lilith involved, this works great to play your cards right; with hard nosed determination to do business on your own sweet terms. Not giving a fuq what anyone thinks about your lust for success; as long as you are operating from your own, uncompromising sense of personal integrity, right??

And square Uranus/Destiny point in your 5th house of innate talent. The things you are naturally good at seem to suddenly sync with the cultural/professional zeitgeist around you. You are like genius biz/creative guru, early adopter of the latest trends; working at the cutting edge of whatever you are god at.

Especially Mars charging forward, with fierce ambition in your work sector. Quite the success machine, if you are willing to stay focused, inspired and truly innovative about what you do. The better to prepare for next level, new version of prosperity -when Pluto turns up, to create fresh income scenarios from March?

And this Full Moon, in your 8th house is also about sex & intimacy. With Lilith involved, the best passion comes from being really real with one another:

The more you and your lover can handle each other’s hidden emotional depths-which ok can be confronting? The more you are turned on by authentic, empowering vulnerability; to really appreciate one another’s unique, sexy qualities that had you mutually fascinated in the first place.

Same goes with some magnetic new attraction -you seduce one another, with scary recognition of weirdo qualities you find mutually irresistible?

Because square Uranus/Destiny Point in your 5th house, playful romance is unexpectedly fun! Being beautifully awkward with your lover, with weird moments of seeing each other with fresh eyes is so liberating. Not so much heavy expectations, as enjoying one another’s eccentricities, know what I mean?

And if single; it’s the strange synchronicities where you meet some promising new attraction. Yes they may be weird/nothing like your usual type -but that’s exactly what makes them so exciting, of course.

The New Moon of Feb 20th helps, in your communication sector. Conjunct Saturn, to ensure your fundamental values align with your lover. And Venus trine Lilith in your 8th house, to get on with a transformative love, to evolve beyond the comfort zone together, huh?

Image: Robert Doisneau


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