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Well it’s all about love & beauty goddess Venus, the great benefic, lingering in Capricorn from Nov 6th till March 7th. Because considering Venus usually only spends a month in each sign per year-this is a rare, special treat to come to terms with your own talent, charm, style & gorgeous desirability. You, my dear are the shining light of the zodiac right now…

So we need to talk about Venus in a close tango with Pluto, dancing around each other ALL of December -ooh la la this is an incredibly sexy, lucrative, transformative & empowering vibe to turn you on!

On one hand this is easy: You are glowing with wellbeing, good looks & effortless charisma, the better to feel naturally good about yourself. And magnetise hot romance action -I mean who wouldn’t want to pursue you/be your lover right now? And magnetise potentially lucrative attention at work/biz scenarios – I mean who wouldn’t want to work with you/share your professional glamour right now? So you kind of get to swan around being a force of nature, attracting whatever you need just by being you -nice one.

On the other hand, Pluto says you need to really dig deep and authentically own your power here -this aint superficial astro:

In love it’s all about passion & sexual desire, which is more exciting & satisfying than ever IF you can handle the vulnerability & tempting power trips that come with deeper feelings, know what I mean? Maybe an existing relationship/love affair reaches a new level of intimacy or hits a crossroads, where you have to be scary real with one another either way. Or someone new who has you so flustered, cos you know they’re gonna rock your world one way or the other-and the exquisite thrill of not being able to control the outcome. Time to be a courageous love machine, right?

And career wise, your creative brilliance & talent is under intense scrutiny as you are in more demand than ever. You’ve got to be bloody good at what you do; and if this means facing any demons of self-doubt or even fundamentally changing the plan, in order to do something more fulfilling-so be it. And financial/biz negotiations, to monetise what you do need to be so on point here -it’s either complex control freakery, to cramp your style or win-win, fabulous earning scenarios because you believe in yourself & finesse biz relationships accordingly, huh?

Meanwhile the New Moon, Total Eclipse of Dec 4th in your soul sector is inspiring, to look within & align with a higher purpose. The better that Mars, in your soul sector from Dec 14th is driving you with a deeper, meaningful sense of purpose. Then the Full Moon of the 19th, in your work/lifestyle/health sector is where you walk your talk according to principles that matter to you… excellent.

Image: Marlena Szoka, vogue-hellas by Mara Desypris


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