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Your ruler Saturn, in your values sector has you better than ever at drilling down on material security, which is great to build wealth & healthy, pragmatic discipline in life.

But also can exacerbate your control freaky tendencies. To get stuck in limiting notions of how financial status defines you (one way or the other), or so caught up in the things you can bend to your will, you become increasingly anxious about the things you can’t control-know what I mean?

So Saturn being retrograde, caught between Pluto & Neptune is actually helpful to open up to your greater potential this month:

-Pluto in your sign to transform what makes you feel empowered -is it obsessively micro-managing every detail? Or being willing to phoenix through changing circumstance, as an adaptable, evolving creature with more capacity to to thrive under pressure than you previously realised?

-Neptune in your ideas sector, to quit analysing the fuq out of everything and trust your spidy senses/instinctual wisdom as much as possible. In mean ok, this can reveal any delusional notions/hare brained schemes you’ve been tempted to indulge, call yourself on your own bullshit and become more honest with yourself-and anyone you’ve avoidant communicating with?

But also a brilliant sense of clarity, to be inspired by a higher calling in life/following your most positive dreams. When you know you know, in terms of living & communicating with others according to your true principles no matter what. Which is so powerful, to manifest the desires that align with your spiritual/creative integrity in real life. Yes you are quite the spunky creatrix, the more you keep your intentions conscious & self-aware right now.

Meanwhile August beginning with a spectacular conjunction between Mars, Uranus & the Destiny Point in your 5th house of talent, self expression & fun.

-Mars/Uranus is an electrifying buzz, to have a good time just because it feels good to be alive. It’s kind of like enjoy each moment in it’s full glory-not so much chilling out & smell the roses so to speak, as strap in to enjoy crazy unexpected scenarios coming at you, get a little wild and play with life outside your normal comfort zone.

-Especially with the North Node involved, some kind of creative spark turns you on, that represents a meaningful sense of vocational calling; and coming to terms with how naturally talented you are to make it happen. This is so freaking, fab energising of course!

And I have to say, Mars/Uranus is also sexual sparks igniting, with the 5th house also about fun romance. Random flirtations or making quality time with your lover could flare up at warp speed here, with sensational chemistry. And with the Destiny Point involved there could be weird synergy involved, connecting with someone special that was always meant to be. I mean who the fuq knows the long term outcome, it’s a thrilling ride one way or the other, to reveal your romantic potential huh?

Especially with Venus & caring Ceres in your love sector early August. You feel a beautiful, nurturing vibe with your partner -or if single/dating, maybe someone new is sweet enough to consider long term potential?

Then the Full Moon of the 12th in your income sector, on Saturn square Mars to monetise your creative genius, as you do so well.

Then the New Moon of the 27th is in your vision sector, square Mars into your work sector for the next 6 months gets you ready to manifest your dreams for real!


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