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It’s moneybags time my little success machine -your favourite groove!

With Cap ruler Saturn and lucky Jupiter in your earning sector last January you plugged into such a positive vibe, to realistically create the income you need to thrive on your own terms. You’ve got a plan, and with Saturn on board till 2023 plenty of time to proceed with that strategic, patient approach you do so well. And Jupiter for the extra confidence & bravado to think big about what you are trying to achieve right now -especially if the goal is independent/flexible type income down the track.

But then again Jupiter wobbling retrograde lately has maybe got you back to the drawing board, wondering if certain delayed fiscal progress you were so excited about is even going to happen? Yes, once you’ve finessed it a bit, you’ll pick up the pace with Jupiter direct from mid-October… you’re onto it.

And the New Moon of Aug 8th in your 8th house of shared resources has clever Mercury; perfect astro for a clear head & emotional clarity, to finesse any biz/family money negotiations going on. Especially contractual/legal details to get right. And it must be said 8 is such a lucky, lucrative number -so financial decisions could be fully auspicious here, if you play your cards right!

Also the 8th house is about deep emotional & sexual intimacy in your love life; and Mercury suggests your seductive superpower is the art of romantic communication. Pillow talk & telling someone special exactly how you feel works beautifully here. And this Moon opposite Saturn has gravitas; you say what you mean and more likely to be with someone equally authentic, to keep the passion real one way or the other.

Then Venus in your career sector from the 17th brings your brilliant talent, charm and professional glamour up to scratch. Especially Venus in a grand trine with the Destiny Point in your work sector & Saturn in your earning sector; bang on the Full Moon of the 22nd conjunct Jupiter, also in your earning sector. This is supremely auspicious astro, for that combo of serious ambition, professional confidence and nous to hustle good coin for what you do -you adore this, it’s your natural groove of course.

Image: Liya Kebede for Elle Italia, by Alexei Hay


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