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The New Moon of April 1st in your domestic sector, has clever Mercury and compassionate Chiron involved.

Mercury wants to communicate with loved ones to analyse & clarify family/co-hab dynamics, and Chiron wants to do so with a caring, mutually supportive attitude. I mean even if there are tricky, sensitive issues coming up you are such a family/security oriented sign; you get it’s worth it to make the effort with the people you care about, of course.

It’s a great time to focus your attention on the emotional temperature at home, to create domestic harmony as best as possible.

And speaking of communication, the rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction this month is in your 3rd house of mental alacrity, ideas, social networking and how to verbally express yourself. I mean as possibly the most pragmatic, shrewd, strategically thinking sign; the combo of philosophical Jupiter & mystical Neptune is an interesting influence:

On the one hand slippery Neptune drives you nuts, feeling overwhelmed by things you can’t control; as you are so used to bringing order & reason to this crazy world, to help us all keep it functional.

On the other hand you are quite enjoying a more visionary, expansive perspective on life. Jupiter brings the confidence expand upon your natural genius, with a broader sphere of influence than ever. And Neptune may have you considering some weird & wonderful notions, to see the world with a kind of magical realism, that you don’t always give yourself permission to explore.

I mean one of your ancient symbols is the mer-goat, with a fish tail that symbolises Neptune type affinity with deeper waters. So you are quite the wise, shamanic mental magician, to help the rest of us perceive things more clearly. And this astro feels fab, to open the full, positive potential of your mind and how to share your spooky genius around. Brilliant!

Meanwhile the Venus/Mars relationship magic, of the last 2 months is finishing conjunct Saturn, in your money/security sector early April:

Could be that you are distracted by financial negotiations, that could be so bang-on savvy. It’s all about mutually advantageous solutions, in biz/money entanglements.

Could be some clever money plan brewing with your partner, as a successful team building financial success together?

And maybe your lover wants to have fun/quality time sans worrying about practical stuff.. so don’t forget to smell the roses, huh?

Image: Natalia Arias Reincarnation of Quetzacoalt

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