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Mars into your social sector from Oct 1st is big, brash confidence to get out there amongst it on the scene. Because you are energised by hanging out with your crew, the company of good friends, human contact & being meaningfully involved with the collective dynamic right now. Also do admit you want to show off a bit; all this lockdown nonsense etc has kind of cramped your style and you are busting to strut around being part of the action, the better to make your mark on the world.

Because we really need to talk about Venus shining in your sign -from Nov 6th until March 2022! Venus usually only spends a month in each sign each year, so this extended stay in Capricorn is a rare chance to come to terms with just how gorgeous, desirable, seductive, talented, charming & successful you can be. You are such a spunk for the next 5 months my friend-time to really love being you, and share your brilliance with the world as best you can huh?

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th in your social sector has Mars syncing Venus as she enters your sign; such a powerful combo to get out there, put your best foot forward & maybe some lucky love/relationship action as you connect with the right people at the right time. Gosh you are so ready for this positive momentum…

But of course the basic logistics of functioning in the world could be tricky, in these strange times-gah frustrating much? So Mars & clever Mercury square your ruler Saturn for this Moon is handy, to be shrewd & discerning about who you spend your time with, to do with shared values etc. So even if you are not charging around taking the world by storm with as much gusto as you would like; you will be connecting/networking with the specific people you are meant to personally/professionally/socially, one way or the other.

Especially by the Full Moon, partial eclipse of the 19th in your fun, creative, talent sector of doing stuff you love; with Mars lust for life opposite sparky Uranus for rebellious thrills to be true to yourself. Full permission to cut loose and have a good time enjoying whatever turns you on, with the people you adore -just because it feels good to be alive!

Yes sometimes our serious, careful Capricorn needs to express your goaty, pan-like capacity for pleasure… why not embrace it whilst you can huh?

And yes this includes romance. Mars & Venus in exact sync by the 26th is perfect for sweet love chemistry, with the Moon in your passionate 8th house of sexual/emotional intimacy. Could be perfect time to go deeper with someone special.

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