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So to the extent water signs are considered to be emotionally intriguing; Scorpio is known for spooky psycho/sexual depth, Pisces has spooky cosmic/mystical insights…and Cancer is the not so mysterious maternal, domestic type? Well your spooky aspect is not so obvious, which makes it all the more unexpected; when people realise what a strange, magical creature you are under that comfy, cuddly reputation:

Your creative muse is totally sublime -so many famous artists, who channel & express our collective, archetypal longings are Crabs.

Your intuition is bang on, in any given situation, especially reading the subtle cues in emotional entanglements. I mean you can be moody as fuq of course - but that sharp, emotionally intelligent radar to read the room, so to speak, is always on point. And making big decisions based purely on gut instinct, which no else knows how the fuq you so often get it right…

You are a weirdo, lol. Even when busy nurturing the world/being everyone’s support support system-you are just as likely to be dreaming of weird & wonderful things, that others may or may not understand…

So the point of this is Mars lingering in a rare, extended tour of your 12th house/spooky soul sector from August this year till March 2023:

Most signs would be frustrated having the most fiery, dynamic planet-where they just want to power forward in the world, in the sector of secret, ineffable mysteries. But I think you’ve got this!

You actually adore this chance to tune into your inner world. A sense of connection with divine guidance-through whatever spiritual discipline/shamanic work/meditation fills your cup, sans worrying about external prerogatives too much-lovely.

The better to be turned on communing with your muse, for the simple bliss of embracing your creative process/innate talent/magical manifestation for the next several months. And if you bust out, dark horse style, to reveal your brilliance to the masses next March when Mars hits your sign, so much the better to enjoy the recognition you deserve…nice one.

Meanwhile Venus into your communication sector from Sept 6th. The same people who appreciate your personal space, to do your own thing are the ones you most enjoy keeping the dialogue open with; to get whatever you’re on about, swap notes about personal growth with stimulating verbal/intellectual repartee.

Especially the Full Moon of the 10th, in your vision sector. You are looking to expand your horizons- any relationships that are ready to grow with you, supporting each other’s transformation are the bomb!

And yes this includes the Cancer love life, with the Venus/Mars square of the 16th, syncing Saturn in your sex/intimacy sector. It’s all about the fantastic chemistry, with a partner/lover/new attraction excited by who you are, respect your boundaries to keep being true to yourself and match you by having a similar integrity to their own purpose in life. Oh my goodness this could be a recipe for long term soulmating/marriage type connection…maybe?

Then the New Moon of the 26th in your home sector, opposite lucky Jupiter in your biz sector is great for positive work/life balance. The more you are clear about creating the domestic/family sanctuary that you value so dearly, the more you are supported to spread your wings and thrive professionally-sweet.

Image: Sheer Radiance pantihose advertisement


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