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So Venus in your favourite, domestic sector of home, hearth and familia for the first half of September is lovely. You get to lush up your space with an inspired interior design/feng shui makeover, which you adore. Or maybe dreaming of somewhere delightful you would like to live, if a move is on the cards with Neptune in your adventure sector? And even better, harmonious relationship dynamics with your family, tribe & co-habs. Such a beautiful time to let your loved ones know you care!

And with Venus trine lucky Jupiter in your sexy/intimacy sector & square sexy Pluto in your relationship sector on the New Moon of the 7th, this includes romance. A gorgeous sense of trust, exciting passion and positive connection with your lover/partner suddenly feels so right.

And with this New Moon in your communication sector, with Mercury in your home sector trine Saturn in your sex/intimacy sector it’s all about that emotionally intelligent dialogue you do so well. Such a great time to address any difficult conversations going on, to gently tease out the issues with emotional sensitivity? Or maybe sweet pillow talk/revealing your feelings to take a hot love affair to the next level of commitment and mutual understanding?

And this would be a good time to point out that Mercury is lingering in your home sector for an extended period this year -Aug 31st till Nov 6th. So lots of time to finesse the process of clear communication with your nearest & dearest, also figure out whatever real estate/domestic scenarios are calling your name this year.

Also Mars in your domestic sector from mid Sept till Oct 30th ups the ante, with rising passions at home & bang on instincts about how, where & with whom you want to live; that you are so ready to follow through with the courage of your convictions. Might as well keep it real…

Because the Full Moon of the 21st is conjunct visionary Neptune right on the cusp of your vision/career sectors, opposite Sun/Mars on the cusp of your ideas & home sector. So big, clear instincts coming up to follow your dreams in a way that honours vocational imperatives as well as personal life choices; for a fulfilling lifestyle according to the principles that matter to you, Nice one x

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