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So Venus/Lilith conjunct early Oct, in your 2nd house of personal security, have you really drilling down on whatever is most valuable to you. Yes material prosperity -and I tell you what, Venus brings your creative genius to earning coin, which Lilith backs with fierce self assurance. Also, perhaps more important, coming to terms with the personal values you treasure, in order to live your life with integrity:

Maybe certain moral principles, that feel so good when you live according to what you really believe in? Which makes more sense, with Venus/Lilith conjunct, into your 3rd house of ideas & communication from Oct 9th. Opposite Saturn in your expansive 9th house. The more you tune into the buzz of your most visionary dreams and sense of purpose in the world, with rigorous intellectual analysis, to keep your ideals on point? The more you are invited to be impeccable with your word about it. Clear, lucid communication is a good look for you right now.

Maybe a creative vision, that turns you on so much you simply must manifest in tangible terms, being such an inspired artiste?

Cue Mars in your talent sector from Oct 12th, for the determination to get better than ever at whatever you are naturally good at. With the discipline to finesse the creative process -it’s such a thrill, to feel on top of your game! And show off your brilliance, with shameless self promotion. I mean you’ve earned it, right?

Then the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of Oct 15th in your natural habitat astrologically, the 4th house of home and family:

Conjunct Mercury and the South Node of previous experience. Keen insight, and pattern recognition about how your family dynamics have evolved thus far-and how to communicate about this with your tribe. In order to handle whatever feelings are stirred up by this Full Moon-as Eclipse energy can be rather intense. Hopefully bonding with lovely emotional and verbal clarity, of course. And even if tricky, tedious old issues arise, you have the emotional intelligence to work things out, with a new perspective?

Because meanwhile, Pluto direct Oct 11th just in time for this Moon, in your 8th house of deep personal entanglements. Pluto in the 8th does devoted commitment with loved ones, passionate romance, sexy intimacy as well as seething power trips/pent up resentment issues. So after several years of Pluto in your 8th you have presumably faced any relational demons, cleared the air and sorted a mutually empowering, beautifully authentic vibe with the people who matter most to you. Even if any frustrating issues still lurking around, with Pluto retrograde recently-at least you know what you’re dealing with. Now Pluto direct is fresh clarity, to move forward on the right foot with your love, family and financial/biz entanglements.

Because ps, the Solar Eclipse of Oct 15th in your home sector, also has practical implications-relevant to Pluto in the 8th house:

-Dealing with any property decisions, or sorting out your domestic situation/where to live? Your emotional instincts are on point, about creating a home that nurtures you. And financial instincts are on point, if real estate negotiations are involved?

-This Moon opposite the Destiny Point and healer Chiron in your brilliant career sector. Your instincts are on point, about professional opportunities that are creatively fulfilling, as well as exciting in an ambitious sense. Healthy work/life balance, to enjoy the fruits of your success with a happy home life as well, is kind of the holy grail, here.

Then the Lunar Eclipse, in your social sector Oct 29th. With Jupiter opposite Mars in your playful 5th house. Having a good time with friends, just for fun, is a great way to finish the month on a high note!

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