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Well retrograde season for the last few months has been quite frustrating for everyone, and like the empath you are you’ve been feeling everyone else’s bitchiness as well as your own; with the retro action in your love/partnership and intimate sex/financial entanglements sectors. I mean it’s been great to become more cognizant of other people’s grievances and all (lol), but actually it has been useful to re-work any stuck relational dynamics huh?

Anyway you are so ready for things to get moving this month, as key planets turn direct -yay finally!

So the New Moon of Oct 6th in your domestic sector, on Mars brings any passions to the surface at home. Ok this could be tetchy as fuq, especially with Mercury retro for weird misunderstandings with tribe & family that could turn into conflict at warp speed. But really it’s a chance to clarify any issues coming up to the clear the air, and fresh new perspective on a nicer way of living together -sweet.

Especially just in time for Pluto direct in your partner/love sector from Oct 7th. This is such potent energy, to feel the feelings coming up for real and get deep with the people that matter most to you, one way or the other.

Then Saturn direct from Oct 11th in your intimacy sector picks up on the Pluto vibe; to set healthy boundaries and clarify the rules of engagement in your personal life. Also activating talented Venus in your work sector & the healer Chiron in your career sector, to get nitty gritty financial agreements/legals right when it comes to monetising professional schemes. I mean you are quite the pragmatic, fiscally savvy artiste so this shouldn’t be too difficult of course.

Then the reward is Jupiter direct in your intimacy sector from Oct 18th. So fab for a rush of positive new confidence in the relationships that turn you on:

With a committed partner/lover you give one another plenty of space and emotional oxygen to breathe & do your own thing. Not to diminish the connection but to share the personal growth; so when you do come together you nurture a mutually inspiring, supportive & fulfilling long term connection.

Also trine Mars in your domestic sector releases any tensions at home; where it suddenly feels so easy to get along with your tribe/family as well as shacked up lover -nice one.

Or if on the dating scene, way more exciting contenders coming your way-this could be so much fun!

Or if you happen to realize you are in a toxic, control freaky entanglement or stupid attraction, you feel free to get the hell out-phew, what a relief!

Or if doing single life you embrace the personal autonomy whilst you can, just because it’s perfectly fine to enjoy doing your own thing for the moment. Also way more likely to encounter someone just as cool & unencumbered as you, just when least expected- yes I know cliché but true.

Especially by the Full Moon of Oct 21st in your career sector opposite Mars in your home sector. The more you have got your act together in your personal life by then, the more you can chase exciting professional dreams huh?

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