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So you’re loving Mars revving up your biz sector for the ages this year, and presumably looking forward to the ongoing professional momentum with Mars on the scene for the rest of 2020? Especially with Lilith involved right now, for a fierce authenticity about your unique purpose in the world –you are doing things on your own spunky, assertive terms, as independently as possible given the circumstances, and don’t care who knows it!

Yes it’s a fab year for your brilliant career. But meanwhile Mars retrograde from mid Sept-mid Nov is a moment of pause; to ideally handle any delays with equanimity & take the time to revise the vocational strategy, rather than forcing the issue just for the sake of professional ego or whatever. So launching any new biz initiatives, new gig or especially picking a fight re any politics going on at work could be gnarly difficult to be honest –much more auspicious to bide your time, scheme in the background & pounce on cool opportunities after mid Nov.

And the Full Moon of the 2nd in your biz sector, on the healer Chiron finesses your instincts about this. You get the subtle manoeuvres required to deal with tricky peeps at work sans conflict-with that sharp emotional intelligence of yours, and also the clever humility to understand that re-working the plan doesn’t mean compromising your larger goals, just tailoring them to be more effective to prevailing (ok crazy) circumstances in the world –know what I mean?

Meanwhile lucky Jupiter direct in your love sector is such a buzz, for positive partnership potential. I mean Saturn/Pluto tangling in your love sector lately you may have had you wrestling with all sorts of issues around passion/commitment/control freakery in your key relationships-and frankly over the hard work of dealing with the drama? So it’s fab to have Jupiter lifting the vibe to a more trusting, expansive dynamic. Maybe you’re finding new horizons to explore with your partner, the better to grow together or maybe someone new on the scene to inspire fresh romantic confidence or even if suddenly single, you’re loving this chance to spread your wings and the oxygen of doing your own thing-and the lovely promise of sharing the journey with whoever is coming up next…

Then the New Moon of the 17th brings it back to the home/family base that you adore… mid month is all about as much domestic bliss you can create amidst the madness of the world-nice one.

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