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It’s all about Mars in your sign this month, with plenty of raw energy, confidence & charisma to drive you forward. Gosh it feels fab being you right now -I guess it’s just a matter of what to do with all that firepower?

How about Mars aligning Chiron in your biz sector, for the New Moon of the 12th in your social sector-just in time for adventurous Jupiter right at home in your expansive 9th house for the next 12 months as follows:

You crave the space to explore new horizons, and take a risk on positive new opportunities outside your comfort zone. You get the emotional oxygen to do so by hanging with the peeps that get your weird & wonderful dreams, to support your growth rather than clinging to the status quo for the sake of tedious social approval or whatever.

And aware that you need to nurture professional intentions that allow you to express your wanderlust & emotional curiosity, so as not to stagnate in just one version of vocational success, know what I mean?

So even if the weird state of the world is cramping your style re travel/social life etc, you continue to grow. Especially the Full Moon of the 26th, with Venus, Mercury & the Destiny Point in your soul sector for fresh spiritual inspo from within, to create a fulfilling work/life balance that reflects your true values.

And love? I’d be looking forward to early June for hot Cancer mating season-meanwhile Venus in your soul sector this month is more inner focus, and maybe any soulmate in your life gets this, and appreciates your enigmatic romantic mystery for what it is huh?


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