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June 4th begins the month with a Full Moon in your practical 6th house. So your natural emotional intelligence lends itself to healthy daily habits, to do with holistic physical and spiritual wellbeing. With a tangible, realistic sense of what kind of lifestyle actually makes you feel good.

The better to cultivate a productive work ethic on the job. Especially Chiron in your brilliant career sector trine Bitch Lilith in your 2nd house of values and prosperity. Especially Mars also in your 2nd house, you desire as independent an income as possible -or at least the agency to do your own thing, with unapologetic individuality in your employment situation.

And the trick is Chiron healing any self doubt, about what you are capable of. Maybe stepping up, with renewed confidence about some big ambition turning you on-because it feels good to reach your full potential? Maybe embracing a gig just because it feels authentic, is good for your soul and fulfilling lifestyle, more so than external expectations of success? And any combination of the imperatives above is so rewarding, of course.

And Venus in your sign cusping your earning sector, opposite Pluto in your 8th house of financial entanglements for this Moon, with Jupiter/Destiny Point in your social sector. I’m just saying your innate talent & gorgeous charisma is shining bright in the world! So any networking/potentially lucrative biz deals you’re schmoozing could work a treat here.

Also Pluto in the sexy 8th house opposite Venus in Cancer, where your natural radiance attracts powerful romantic attention. The potential for mutual attraction is real!

Especially with Pluto retro, back into your love/partner sector, for a brief sojourn from June 11th.

Basically you revisit the relationship dynamics you’ve been processing for the last several years, to really finesse your love paradigm. And clarify any commitments that need to be nurtured even more, or end for good or new beginnings calling your name. The better to explore your capacity for real, transformative intimacy; as Pluto gets ready to return to your 8th house for the next 20 years…

Then the New Moon of June 18th in your soul sector, with Mercury involved. A moment to seek the sanctuary of your inner world and creative muse, away from the white noise of biz & relational pressures:

Square Neptune in your expansive 9th house. So whilst you are ostensibly hiding out, recharging your batteries in dark horse mode -actually dreaming big dreams to visualise your brilliant life plan. Butterfly preparing to bust out of the chrysalis vibe... is on.

Image: Dree Hemingway by Sebastian Faena for Vogue Turkey.

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