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So Pluto back into your 7th house, of love/partner dynamics recently, has begun to reveal any unfinished relationship business ready to be clarified for the rest of the year:

So the Full Moon of July 3rd is timely, to begin the month with your natural emotional intelligence, about connecting with your loved ones beautifully on point. And more likely to attract a reciprocal attitude, to deal with whatever feelings are going on, from the people that matter.

Especially with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer, your silver-tongue ability to communicate effectively is kind of a superpower. Maybe to work the subtle dialogues required, to find mutual understanding with your loved ones. Even if weird/complex issues arise-there is always a way to work it out? Maybe just mating season, for the flirt factor to seduce someone special-could be a sexy thing right now?

And maybe to charm certain people to your way of thinking, if you have stuff to schmooze in the world? Especially Moon trine Jupiter in your social sector, yours could be such a positive, inspiring voice to get amongst the collective conversation and networking opportunities with the tribe who get you.

Extra-specially Venus/Mars dancing around a conjunction, with Bitch Lilith in your 2nd house of personal values & prosperity. The more you express your unique truth, the relationships that matter fire up to support what you’re on about. Maybe even make some coin, with cool creative collaborations?

Then Mars in your ideas/communication sector from July 10th, helps to assert your most confident expression. It feels good to speak freely with the courage of your convictions-and robust conversations, with the people you can share cool ideas with.

Then the Cancer New Moon of July 18th, to focus your attention with fab emotional authenticity:

Opposite Pluto in your love sector, as we discussed earlier. This triggers any dormant issues with your lover/partner in crime-gosh it could be volatile! Could be sudden, sexy, transformative passion to turn you both on, to the brilliant chemistry you share. Could be control freaky drama, that needs to be addressed, with intelligent wrangling of the power dynamics -I mean, if not now, when? Or if single/dating, maybe a sudden attraction/seduction scenario could rock your world?

Or regardless of romance, any biz dialogues you are dealing with could become fab collaborative opportunities. Especially Pluto trine the Destiny Point in your brilliant career sector, professional relationships could so help to reveal your full potential.

Then Mars opposite Saturn by July 21st. You get a reality check on your attitude/life plan. Which could be the most practical furnace, in which to burn off any naff notions and refine your wonderfully visionary ideals into gold, that you can actually manifest in the world. Good work!

Image: unable to find original credit, for this cool picture.


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