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So you’ve been feeling particularly wilful, with Mars on your case recently for fab forward momentum, drive to get ahead and express yourself with fierce authenticity -you are so onto thriving on your own terms! But also, with Saturn in your 8th house of interpersonal entanglements, bothered by an existential sense that you somehow have to prove yourself to other people, on some level first.

A paradox which could become particularly irritable, with Mars opposite Saturn July 1st to set the tone for the month:

And ok, maybe certain control freaky fuqwits/authority figures are cramping your style, and yes it’s a great time to hold your own & be brilliant anyway. But not so much full-blown conflict, just because Uranus in your social sector has you feeling rebellious just for the sake of it. Rather than pitting your gritty resolve against the world, much better to work on constructive alliances and win-win compromises with the crew that get you, know what I mean?

Also Jupiter dithering retro in the first degree of your adventure sector-you are so onto chasing your wildest dreams yet not quite ready to bust a move -maybe this is the real source of your existential frustration hmm?? And funnily enough, Jupiter back into your 8th house of biz/intimate entanglements for the next few months could reveal the exact, positive connections that support your positive growth; so it really does pay to keep your relating skills sweet…

Especially because the Cancer New Moon of the 10th brings fresh emotional equilibrium, to improve your mood considerably. And opposite Pluto in your love sector for sexy, energising love chemistry to make any relationship challenges worth it..

Extra especially with this Moon just in time for the Venus/Mars conjunction of the 14th, in spooky aspect to Pluto love magic -basically mating season! If you can handle the deeper feelings coming up with your mate or a new passion flaring up, mid-month could be primo time to enjoy a surprisingly easy, lovely compatibility.

To be explored further, with the Full Moon of the 24th in your love sector, with Saturn in your intimacy sector opposite Mars to clarify the rules of engagement -if it’s a longer-term thing?

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