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So Mars retro, lurking in your mysterious 12th house since Nov 1st has had your self expression in dark horse, background mode; but you don’t mind. As quite the mysterious creature yourself, you’re into low-key being fascinating & enigmatic; sans the need to charge around showing off, right?

Which makes for an interesting Cancer Full Moon, Jan 7th. Opposite Sun/Mercury in your 7th house of love/partnership. With Bitch Lilith also in your sign, opposite Pluto power in your 7th house. So even though Mars still has you hiding out in introvert mode, doing inner spiritual stuff; this Moon also brings you out of your shell, just enough to be very clear about who you are in the world:

As a Moon ruled crab, Full Moons always reveal your most powerful personal instincts. You know what you feel, with absolute emotional congruence to behave accordingly. And in tell you what, Bitch Lilith in your sign could feel like being true to yourself is quite a rebellious stance? Yes, permission to be as controversial as fuq right now; if the courage of your convictions requires you to be a fierce individualist, know what I mean?

But also relationship dynamics/communicating effectively with loved ones is a real imperative for this Moon. The kind of special people you are dealing with right now are more likely to be sparkly articulate, just like you. Certain fascinating dialogues could be going on, to mutually understand one another’s point of view more clearly.

And romance wise, maybe someone spunky & empowered, totally besotted with your enigmatic allure. Especially Venus in your sexy 8th house, for a passionate match of equals, with brilliant chemistry to turn each other on? This Moon feels like hot mating season!

Or ok, maybe Pluto brings any power trippers around you out of the woodwork, with their control freaky games. But ha, good luck trying to do your head in, or lure you into conflict…

As Lilith in Cancer has you so on fire, ready to stand up for yourself in full self assured, empowered mode. Aint nobody going to mess with you right now!

Because to the extent you encounter any confrontational situation; Mars retro brings the emotional intelligence to know that initiating drama has massive blowback. But quietly holding your own in stealth mode, sticking to your own integrity is such a fierce look; to make any drama queens trying to monopolise your attention redundant -to the extent you don’t give them energy, of course.

Perfect, to prepare for Mars retro in your soul sector trine Venus in your sexy 8th house, exact Jan 10th. Because to the extent this is such exquisite, sweetly vulnerable intimacy, with almost soulmate level emotional & spiritual depth? Having healthy boundaries in place is so helpful; to tell the difference between losing yourself in a consuming, possibly unhealthy passion or a beautifully aligned, genuinely loving, authentic connection?

Then Mars finally direct, from Jan 13th is a release of any internal compression; to trust your internal instincts more easily, positive, healthy relationship with self and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Lovely!

Especially by the New Moon of Jan 22nd, in your 8th house of interpersonal entanglements; opposite Lilith in your 2nd house of personal values & material security. Crystal clear, fresh perspective on healthy relating with the right people; that honours your own need to be true to yourself. Spunky self assurance that you’ve totally earned!

Image: Cartier

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