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So Saturn in your intimacy sector square Uranus in your social sector lately, has been underlying tension between obligatory family/biz/lover commitments and being your true self in the world. Hopefully this has aligned your close personal connections with the social values that inspire you; the better to hang with crew who really get you, and what you’re on about right now…

Because the big astro action is Venus in your love/partner sector from Nov till March -you are in the middle of a fab phase of attracting beautiful, promising romance -and knowing what you want to do about it?

Especially Venus conjunct Pluto in your love sector all Jan, with sexy Mars involved from the 25th for intense, passionate mating season vibes!

Could be revealing the true depth of devotion, in your committed relationship for sexy marital bliss. Or even if you have some spooky, unresolved issues lurking under the surface -this could be powerful astro to clear the air, face your demons together & bond more deeply & authentically than ever huh?

Or if single/dating, some hot contender could be coming at you – it’s all about magnetic chemistry -ooh la la could be a moment of obsessive lust to turn you on, or could be quite destinal actually, for something much more to rock your world?

Because the New Moon of Jan 3rd in your love sector is fresh emotional perspective, to begin the month with optimum clarity about who you love/want to love, to navigate the promising relationship potential of 2022 as best as possible.

Meanwhile Mars in your work/health sector, till Jan 25th is a focus on your daily routine. You have such dynamic, physical energy available; which wants to be channelled into something practical -rather than restless, scatty distractions, know what I mean?

You benefit enormously from a disciplined fitness regime, to feel strong & vibrant in your body, and a fierce work ethic, to get your most exciting professional goals happening for 2022. Yes it aint so much slumber/procrastination time right now -you feel so much more alive by seizing the day and making positive stuff happen!

The Cancer Full Moon of the 18th, opposite Pluto is your emotional energiser, to tap into powerful instincts about all of the above. Your personal charisma is on, you are beautifully comfortable in your own skin & chasing the dreams that matter to you, and feel fully connected to your loved ones, as you hold your own with relationship dynamics. Nice one x

Image: Jeffrey Westbrook studio D for Harpers Bazaar


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