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So I guess we need to talk about the New Moon of Jan 13th, on top of limbic, passionate Pluto in your love/relationship sector. This is where you come to terms with the most important connections in your life, and how they are ready for next level, transformative growth to keep the feelings deeply authentic -know what I mean?

Especially with the powerful Saturn/Jupiter action, in your sex/intimacy/money sector of interpersonal entanglements. This is quite the revealing, inspiring reality check about who really matters to you & how to explore the most expansive, promising potential of your best connections based on genuine compatibility, integrity & mutual advantage.

And also ditch any draining obligations that have become redundant along the way, to make space to love, live & do biz like you mean it with the peeps that are actually vibing positive in your life.

And yes, with Venus also in your love sector this is pretty sweet for your romantic vibe. Especially Venus trine Mars around the 10th is sparky attractions revealing themselves, just in time for your Love New Moon mid month. It’s quite the brilliant mating season if you’re up for meaningful, passionate good times with someone special!

Also Mars/Uranus/Lilith in your social sector, exact around the 20th really fires up your spunky connection with your tribe and broader social dynamics. You are more likely to be out & about, exploring such exciting shared interests with like-minded crew/exciting networking opportunities/fresh connections with dear friends, as much as possible right now.

Or even if butting heads with people of different opinions/volatile politics going on in your social scene, this could bring up fascinating insights about where you stand in these strange, turbulent times in our collective interactions huh?

Then the Full Moon of the 29th is all about the financial confidence that you do so well. It’s in your income sector, to sharpen your natural earning instincts around actual, emotionally fulfilling pursuits.

And triggering Mars/Uranus for spontaneous, energising flashes of inspo to chase the goals that matter, and perfect opportunities to do so turning up just as suddenly. And even better this Moon is in exact, brilliant alignment with lucky Jupiter to attract spectacular support for what you do/fully promising biz deals etc. Also Saturn finesses any financial negotiations going on, to maximum advantage.

Especially with a lucrative Venus/Pluto thing in your relating sector-it pays to be nice to the right peeps right now! And yes Pluto/Venus is also such a sexy, romantically intoxicating vibe for your love life-hot date nights with someone special much?

New Year Resolution: Lucky I’m such a caring, sharing natural at healthy relationships –because lovely human connection is what powers me forward this year. Whether romance, dear friends, social networking, biz or family –love & mutual support is the bomb to share my life with special people!

Image: Deborah Stevens

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