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Gosh lucky you are such a caring, sharing type with innate emotional intelligence about the value of healthy relationships, because the astro this month is massively focused in your 8th house of deep feelings & personal entanglements:

As in the grand Jupiter/Saturn conjunction recently was so revealing about who shines in your life, and the kind of relational dynamic that ultimately makes your special connections work -whether romance, family or even key biz/creative relationships.

And Venus in your 8th house this month is such sweet inspiration to love like you mean it. First Venus/Saturn on the 6th is the quality of commitment, reality checking any stuck issues & sticking with your peeps even when it’s challenging.

Then Venus conjunct lucky Jupiter for the New Moon of the 12th rewards you with such dynamic, positive, promising relationship vibes. Yes including sexy, exciting romantic chemistry. And it’s all because you have done the work to clarify where it’s at, the better to trust the process and open up with genuine warmth & emotional generosity.

Which is lucky, because also Mercury retrograde tangles with Venus this month, with the potential for bonkers misunderstandings & bitchy drama with certain weirdos. But you don’t go there, because you are feeling so gloriously heart centred & evolved that you rise above it right??

And Saturn square Uranus in your social sector kind of agitates any tensions between your personal commitments & your desire to be a free spirit, out & about getting involved in the collective, cultural zeitgeist. Because with Venus in your vision sector from the 25th you are in love with life, and exploring your full potential in the broadest possible sense.

Especially with Mars in your social sector trine Saturn, you get to be passionate about your personal relationships with full permission to also chase your dreams & full potential in the world. And the Full Moon of the 27th feels like a lover who is a kindred spirit, to share the adventure with -perfect!

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