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Whilst everyone else is stressing about Mars retrograde, cramping their style getting ahead this month, you are totally cool about it. Because Mars in your soul sector is a chance to hide out, away from the white noise of the world and quietly cultivate the kind of spiritual & creative magic that really turns you on.

Especially the Full Moon of Dec 8th, in your soul sector exactly conjunct Mars retro, opposite the Sun with Venus in your 6th house of healthy work ethic & lifestyle. What self care looks like here is:

-permission to be an introvert, if you are enjoying time alone to replenish your energy.

-permission to be a magician; if you are working spooky shamanic inspo, for healing/personal growth or manifesting visionary ideas in the world -yes, you are a genius!

-permission to be crazy talented professionally. Not because you’re trying to prove yourself, or accommodate tedious expectations on the day job. More you’re so naturally good at what you do, everyone allows you to just get on with being brilliant. Excellent.

I mean also Uranus/Destiny Point are conjunct in your social/networking sector this month. And lucky Jupiter is jumping from your expansive 9th house of big picture dreams to your 10th house of biz/vocational success from Dec 21st. So just because you’re happy doing your own thing, dark horse style in the background -doesn’t mean you’re not totally onto your place in the world:

Actually you are quite the force of nature right now.

The more you work your own unique, visionary schemes & dreams, the more you resonate with the cultural zeitgeist going on around you. You don’t necessarily need to be out & about, shaking your proverbial ass on the scene, overtly showing off to be noticed by the right people. Chances are you just naturally align with the cool crew you relate to. If there are people doing cool stuff that inspires you, chances are doors will open to get involved, just when you least expect it. Or the weird & wonderful stuff you are up to, behind the scenes attracts so much attention -all sorts of fascinating people could be knocking on your door…

Also personal relationships. Venus and Mercury in your love/partner sector from Dec 10th is lovely for sweet, emotionally intelligent conversations with your special someone. Or if single, more likely to have fabulous flirty situations-to lure someone gorgeous, with mutual attraction.

I mean Saturn in your sex/intimacy sector, for the last few years has had you drilling down on the meaning of commitment. Maybe feeling beautifully secure, having consolidated a long term connection that works? Maybe working healthy boundaries, to fuq off any potentially controlling entanglement before it cramps your style? The better to be ready for something more functional, whenever it appears…

And caring Ceres in your domestic sector from Dec 20th helps lovely, supportive relationships blossom in your family & personal life. I mean you are such a natural at this of course, to feel connected with your tribe.

Then the New Moon of Dec 23rd in your love/partner sector. With a Venus/Mercury/Pluto stellium involved, any passionate chemistry going on is more likely to feel realistically promising… nice one.

Image: Vogue Germany


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