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The New Moon of Dec 4th is in your work/healthy lifestyle sector; conjunct Mercury to finesse the details, and it’s a Total Solar Eclipse to get your act together for real!

It’s all about a crystal clear, efficient new perspective on your daily habits:

-Diet, exercise & physical wellbeing. Your natural instincts about what your body wants are so on point; to eat, move & take care of yourself for optimum vitality & feeling comfortable in your skin. All the better to enjoy emotional & spiritual alignment as well.

-Work ethic. You are clever enough to focus on a gig that effectively achieves your goals, with intellectual stimulation/job satisfaction rather than slaving away just for the sake of it.

Then Mars on board from the 14th brings the sheer dynamic energy & unstoppable confidence to get on with it. Especially Mars trine the healer Chiron in your career sector by the 25th, you are a fierce success machine because you are doing stuff that actually turns you on, and brings genuine quality of life. Nice one, to be aligned with a satisfying sense of purpose huh?

Then the Full Moon of the 19th in your soul sector; to tune into deeper instincts about your spiritual values, as they apply to living according to what truly matters to you. And if you can keep your intentional focus clear, some spooky magical manifestation to create the work/lifestyle scenario you most desire.

And trine Jupiter in your sex/intimacy sector, the capacity for emotional truth with loved ones; to conduct your closest entanglements with full integrity -the better to keep growing & have fun together.

Which brings us to the big astro of December -Venus conjunct sexy Pluto in your love sector all month!

I mean Venus in an extended tour of your love sector from Nov till March is already mating season- so you are more likely to be attracting the attention of someone desirable, and know what to do about it. And syncing with Pluto brings the hottest, most intense expression of this into sharp focus. This can be extreme in the following ways:

-You’re already partnered/hooked up, and naturally able to become even more vulnerable/committed with mutual adoration & madly in love bliss. Or you’re in a healthily challenging relationship, and ready to tackle certain, key issues with mutual courage to make it work-so worth it to become stronger together.

-You’re in some power-trippy, destructive entanglement; and it suddenly becomes clear just how toxic this thing is. Time to reclaim your power & move the fuq on to better things, or what?

-You suddenly encounter some intoxicating, mutually magnetic chemistry with someone smoking hot who blows your mind. Yes this could be game changing-ooh la la. But is it long term passion or a moment of madness, to navigate with care hmmm??

-You are happily or unhappily single, and get a light bulb moment about who you want to attract, or not for the next few months. Fantastic self awareness, to manifest accordingly huh?

Yeah December looks full-on for the Cancer love life-so good to keep it real x

Image: Timothy Lantz


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