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So Mars in your biz sector for ages this year, since July has you all fired up with fierce career ambition; which is so positively motivating. But then again Mars retro since Sept has been kind of deflating with tedious delays & setbacks, and maybe had you doubting your best intentions & tempted to lose your resolve in recent months…

But you are so glad you didn’t give up when the going got tough, or even if you did you picked yourself back up again with fresh determination since Mars direct from mid Nov right?

Because the reward is Mars picking up the pace & professional confidence beautifully for the rest of the year; yes you are a brilliant success machine right now & might as well embrace the promising opportunities presenting themselves, because you’ve totally earned it & ready to roll!

Especially with the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in your work sector Dec 15th. I mean this is powerful astro at the best of times to re-work your existing gig advantageously or figure out your best, transferable skills to go chase up some new vocational plan. And with Mercury involved your clever strategies are so on point, to finesse such precise vocational intentions & in sync with Mars powering in your biz sector you have the sheer, dynamic energy & work ethic to back yourself up on whatever goals are coming into focus mid month onwards.

Including Venus in your work sector for this Moon, to bring the creative confidence to show off your best talent in the world; for the life affirming joy of getting up every day to do whatever you truly love -because you’re so naturally good at it, for a living.

It’s all about the kind of work/life balance to take care of your health & wellbeing with emotional intelligence, the better to rise up & nail whatever career scenarios support your optimum, rewarding lifestyle –know what I mean?

And Jupiter/Saturn into your 8th house of biz/financial negotiations from the 20th is great, to monetise all this effectively.

Also the 8th house is about the quality of your deeper sexy, emotionally passionate entanglements. So from late Dec you will be so aware of how exuberant romantic attraction (thank you Jupiter) is reality checked with the sober eye of Saturn compatibility & commitment issues-for a theme to explore for the next few years huh?

Image: Cygnus by Andreas Bach

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