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April begins with Mars in your soul sector working magical intentions behind the scenes. You are spookily in touch with the personal power that comes with quietly, diligently doing your own thing, despite whatever madness is going on in the outside world.

Then whatever cool schemes you are working on early month are ready to be unleashed on the world when Mars charges into Cancer from the 24th, for fab new swagger to get more extroverted with what you do.

Because Uranus in your social sector is turning you on to the buzz of connection, communication & networking in your social sector, and square Saturn in your 8th house of intimate entanglements really highlights the dichotomy between a vibrant public life & the stabilising force of nurturing your private space & personal relationships. They are both super important aspects of your life this year-it’s all about striking the right balance.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 12th is hot for professional progress. It’s a Venus Moon; to set new intentions based on whatever brilliant talent you are currently finessing, then follow through with persuasive charm & self promotion that spring from the integrity of your skill & creative credentials. Basically permission to shine just because you can!

And Venus trine Pluto means you could be cultivating some lucrative biz relationships, if you play your cards right?

Also, Venus trine Pluto in your partnership sector fires up transformative growth in your love life. Maybe mid month is time to let someone special know they are the centre of your emotional world, king or queen of your heart etc, if you are lucky enough to feel that way? Or deal with powerful relational change by dealing with the nitty gritty emotions is the way forward, rather than avoiding the inevitable next stage of your romantic life? In other words if someone is rocking your world by leaving it, coming at you or whatever provocative trigger –you ride the feelings coming up to wherever they are taking you huh?

Then the Full Moon of the 27th is fun! It’s in your play sector for creative inspo doing something arty you love, good times with family & friends & romantic moments with your lover –not for any particular outcome, but just because it feels good to be alive! Sweet x

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