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Taurus Full Moon, exact 0.49am Nov 1st, AEDT. So with Full Moons always revealing the feelings that have been lurking around all month with vivid clarity-this one could be quite the eye-opener.

Because the basic issue here is that Taurus likes cosy stability, enjoyable emotional dynamics that make us feel good & the simple pleasures of a harmonious, cushy life -which is pretty sweet for healthy, life-affirming comfortability in our skin & cruisy relationships. But also it does tend to create resistance when our emotional assumptions or material security are challenged, and we are asked to evolve beyond what we know -Taurus does Not Like Change!

And the problem is that Uranus, directly opposite this Moon is the ultimate game-changing, shit-stirring, revolutionary planet of upheaval & Radical Change Ready or Not! Hmmm you can see the conundrum here...

I mean we are obviously in a wild, surreal time of unrest collectively, where the status quo is all over the shop & weird notions like 'new normal' are entering the dialogue -and we all have very different ideas of what that should look like. Which is obviously affecting our mental/emotional/material equilibrium to varying degrees. And also in our personal lives -close relationships, family/love/romance dynamics, domestic stability, financial security etc are fluxy in a way we kind of can't avoid dealing with right?

So is this actually a problem, to be avoided by digging our heels in with stubborn resistance to inevitable growth being required of us right now? Or is it a fab sparkly, inspiring, liberating opportunity to embrace positive new ways of doing things as advantageously as possible?

Or in the words of the wonderful Arundhati Roy "Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing".

Let's grab this chance to feel into the changes unfolding in our lives with our best positive, visionary intentions for the future -might as well give it our best shot! Happy Full Moon folks x


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