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So your ruler Mars in Aries for ages this year, from July till 2020-Jan 2021, has you so fired up to rock your awesome bravado & magnificence no matter what right? Especially in sync with Bitch Lilith, the spunky female counterpoint to Mars macho charisma, you’re firing on all cylinders to assert your brilliance & ready to meet your match in personal relationships –it’s either passionate chemistry & mutual respect or liable to vibe tetchy & combative…

Yes fair enough, but also Mars retrograde this month is kind of about stepping back & sussing out the lay of the land as strategically as possible, more so than just charging forward for the sake of it. Maybe time to temporarily pull your head until Mars direct mid Nov hmmmm? So on that note, here are the rules for Mars retro for the next 6 weeks:


-Revise, revise, revise. Go back and rework that biz plan, creative process, career ambition etc –it’s time to finesse the hell out of everything! Including revisiting old dialogues & agreements with certain people; maybe you can find a new, more workable version of your professional & personal relationships –and dare I say even heal old interpersonal wounds with some genuine flexibility huh?

-Take time out to replenish your physical vitality; healthy self-care, rest & regenerative down time is actually much more effective than thrashing yourself just for the sake of performance anxiety right now. The better to rise up singing when things get moving in Nov…


-Pick fights just cos you’re frustrated! Number one rule for our obstreperous Aries right now is that anyone who initiates conflict will lose-disastrously & at warp speed, but anyone holds their own peacefully & bides their time will prevail in the end. Yes, re-read that for a good time. Even though feelings are running high, you take you your time to pick your battles & also sexy love initiatives –and wait till after mid Nov to make your move for best results.

-Burn yourself out just to force stalled projects/initiatives in your life. As above, take your time till the momentum picks up to support your progress huh?

Cue the Aries Full Moon of the 2nd on top of the healer Chiron; for beautiful emotional intelligence about how to work your fierce internal locus of power this month with an exquisitely gentle touch…

Then the New Moon of the 17th in your love sector is fab romance… of you can handle the passionate intensity without flipping out into drama mode right?

Image: David Benoliel


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