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So the big news this month is Saturn direct, from Nov 4th. Most signs are excited about getting on with ambitious plans -but for you it’s in your hidden soul sector, so perhaps the benefits are not so obvious, at first?

I mean with healer Chiron in Aries, you’ve become more comfortable with healthy self care. Even if your naturally yang, self determination has had to allow a bit of vulnerability, to slow down and look after your holistic wellbeing, hopefully this has felt good?

Ideally being comfortable in your own skin as you are, human flaws and all is beautiful self acceptance; and with the Destiny Point involved, a lovely starting point to evolve towards your full potential

So Saturn in your spooky 12th house/soul sector back in March, was a sense of looking within, for the spiritual gravitas of conscious self awareness. Nice one. Then maybe it got gnarly, with Saturn retro from mid June? Interrogating any shadow/subconscious self doubt, that has been holding you back is bound to be confronting.

Especially spooky Neptune also retro, in your 12th, to realise the divine inspo & cherished dreams of yours that could be fantasy, but also could become real the more you allow Saturn to reality check your visionary vibe?

Which makes Saturn direct early Nov so special. With Lilith and Venus in your 6th to magically manifest the fuq out of whatever really matters to you, deep down. Thus do you reap the benefits of Saturn direct-the alchemy of turning dreams into daily, tangible reality. With the edgy attitude of doing it with your own, fiercely unique attitude that you adore.

Then Venus into your love sector from Nov 8th. Maybe a sweet romance/love affair blossoms, which is always delicious with Venus vibes. And all your key relationships benefit, with a sweeter attitude from your loved ones, for more harmonious compatibility.

Just in time for the Full Moon of Nov 13th, in your 8th house of personal entanglements. This is a powerful love life Moon, conjunct Mars and Ceres:

Of course your sexy ruler Mars adores being in the sexy 8th house. Yes to get your sexy libido on-more likely to attract mutual chemistry, with a lover just as hot blooded. Totally exciting, for Aries seduction moments. Also even more satisfying is caring Ceres, revealing your innate capacity for deeper passion, and real emotional intimacy, So that’s the good news, if you are lucky enough to have a special someone to share your desires with, right now. Nice one.

Or even if you have some drama going on, which Mars is bound to exacerbate? Tensions could be riding high, but at least a chance to bring any latent conflict to the surface to deal with honestly-which is your natural thing, of course. And so good to have caring Ceres involved, to find the most nurturing, healthy solutions as possible.

I mean opposite Uranus in your 2nd house of personal values, you are also pretty rebellious amongst it all-as is your wont, lol. You are an expert at sticking up for your unique point of view, at the best of times. So any power tripper trying to fuq with you-not so much! And even better, expressing your cool perspective is such a turn on, for a lover who appreciates your independent genius.

Then by the Full Moon of Nov 27th, in your ideas and communication sector square Saturn direct. Speaking your truth feels so natural, from a place of real wisdom. Especially opposite your ruler Mars, into your expansive 9th house from Nov 26th, which I suspect you’re way excited about…chasing your wildest dreams that you’ve been talking about, with exuberant confidence feels so good!

Image: Paul Farnham


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