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Yay, how exciting is lucky Jupiter in your sign from May 11th -a whole year ahead of living large!

I mean Jupiter in your soul sector for the past year, dancing with magical Neptune recently, has been a lovely chance to take sanctuary from the crazy world, that you would normally be charging around in taking control; and look within for a sense of meaning & personal/spiritual purpose.

Especially with healer Chiron in your sign, you are more inclined than usual to put healthy relationship with self first, the better to do that conquer the world thing you do so well even better; with maximum self-awareness & emotional congruence-know what I mean?

So the New Moon of May 1st is in your money/security sector, where you would normally be doing easy, comfort-zone tactics & safe financial strategies. But no, this one is a Partial Solar Eclipse on radical Uranus-with the Destiny Point involved. Oh my goodness you just know this month is all about crazy fabulous growth; not just for the sake of upheaval, but to take a highly intelligent risk on embracing the most meaningful, magical-manifestation type scenarios that have been calling your name…

Especially Jupiter/Venus exactly conjunct in your soul sector, for this Moon to keep any earning choices high frequency & highly creative, for maximum bliss. Bless!

Then Venus into Aries from the 3rd awakens your charisma, talent & good looks in the world; to shine bright, express that beautiful truth about your sense of purpose in the world and generally strut around feeling gorgeous, radiant & desirable -just because you are!

Then of course Jupiter joining Venus in Aries, from the 11th is your big deal astro this month! Such splendid, sensational confidence to get your swagger on big time! You know what you’re on about & what matters to you, so you’re not just showing off for the sake of it. You are in fabulous, expansive personal growth mode…ready to broaden your horizons, chase your wildest dreams and walk your talk on the kind of life you are most excited about creating for yourself. Gosh it feels like you’ve been laying low & waiting for this one for a while -hallulujah it’s your time to thrive!

And love? Well obviously Venus in your sign has your allure and seduction prowess through the roof, and generous Jupiter doesn’t half help you show if off, ha ha.

But also we have to talk about the Full Moon of the 16th -a Total Lunar Eclipse in your sex/intimacy sector! This is powerful astro to reveal deep feelings with fearless vulnerability, and maybe unleash incandescent passion, with someone special who can match your firepower?

I mean ok it’s kind of volatile, with radical Uranus involved. If any narky old relational habits breaking down -which is ultimately positive, maybe a few tantrums mid month as you both adjust hmmm? Or dealing with someone new who presses your buttons, in a sexy but irritating way?

It’s all about how you handle it of course-the Destiny Point says the thrill of new, liberating ways to connect is meant to be fun!

Image: Paul Farnham


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