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Well you love a bit of chatty, mental stimulation from March 4th; with Mars into your ideas & comms sector just in time for clever Mercury on expansive Jupiter in your social sector.

You are out and about, loquacious as fuq, networking & buzzing with your tribe with shiny brilliance right now. Whether hanging with your peeps just for fun, meaningful social activism/community involvement or Saturn square Uranus to hustle earning opportunities for doing your thing… You’re having such a good time expressing yourself with ease, you’ve already forgotten how awkward you felt with Venus/Saturn & Mercury retro this time last month right?

Especially Mars on the Destiny Point by the 27th to really finesse your unique point of view, the better to formulate plans that are fully congruent with your principles & broader life purpose, and share your trip with the people who matter & get what you’re on about.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 13th has Venus on magical Neptune in your soul sector. To focus on inner, spiritual imperatives, communing with your creative muse and regenerative self-care for emotional wellbeing, in between all this furious flitting about getting your groove on in the world.

Also private time with a special soulmate if you have one, or dreaming up your next beautiful romance -to stay honest about whatever deeper needs are driving your love life right now…

Because Venus in your sign from the 22nd picks up your spunky desirability, just in time for your annual full Moon in your love sector on March 29th. This Moon has lush, Venusian romantic charisma and Chiron for raw emotional vulnerability, with Mars square Saturn to keep love dialogues radically honest. So yeah, someone just as passionate as you is more likely to be on the scene late month, and fab mating season if you’re ready to front up & keep it real!

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