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So you know how Pluto in your 10th house, of brilliant career has been transforming your vocational success paradigm since 2007?

And Pluto in your social sector since April, has felt like a chance to focus more on finding your broader purpose within your tribe, and collective cultural zeitgeist around you?

Well Pluto is back in your 10th house, from June 11th till Feb. So the rest of this year is about really clarifying what you’ve learned about your professional desires in the last 16 years; with an empowering sense of what you’re capable of by now.

With an eye on the right people to network and collaborate with -based on Pluto revealing pertinent clues about shared values with your tribe, in your social sector for the last few months.

And I tell you what, Pluto powering forward in your social sector from Feb, for the next 20 years… plenty of time to apply the personal accomplishment you’ve earned, to make a meaningful difference in the wider world.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of June 4th in your expansive 9th house is a clue. About the kind of brazen schemes & dreams that turn you on-and of course your natural courage loves the challenge to go forth, with a spirit of adventure. Especially with Jupiter/Destiny Point and Mercury/Uranus in your 2nd house of personal values & security. You so get the value of radical, meaningful personal growth -and that swift evolution, to keep up with circumstances is the true security, right?

I mean trine Bitch Lilith, in your 5th house of creative talent. This Moon is awesome for your best, brilliant self expression. Especially with your ruler Mars involved -your natural, life-affirming confidence feels so good!

Then Venus into your 5th house, from June 5th is amazing.

I mean to the extent the 5th is about talent, creativity, shiny confidence, fun, play and sweet romance; Venus is the perfect planet of beauty and love, to light up your 5th house with gorgeous radiance:

First of all Venus & Mars, dancing around a conjunction this month. For your sparkly romantic charisma, more likely to attract someone fun, to play with the buzz of flirty chemistry. Of course this works for renewing the passion with your partner, lover or luring someone new if single/on the dating scene.

Then the best thing is Venus in a rare, extended stay in your 5th house till October. For the next 4 months you get to work the creative process, at whatever you’re good at, showing off with shameless self promotion. Also having fun, doing whatever you really enjoy -just because it feels so good to embrace the simple pleasures in life.

Such a delicious chapter to look forward to x

Meanwhile the New Moon of June 18th, in your 3rd house of mental acumen and communication. With clever Mercury involved, to be smart about the next move -and connecting with the people that matter as you go.

Image: John Galliano

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