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So your ruler Mars in your 5th house of play, talent & romance feels like fun!

From June 12th till the end of July you get to enjoy awesome personal confidence, to work your creative genius, show off your brilliance in the world, good times with the people you adore -and yes, hot date nights to spice up your relationship/love life?

Of course this could be fast & furious progress, to get ahead doing what you’re good at, which is fab. But really it’s all about the simple pleasures that turn you on, just because it feels good to be alive…it’s time to smell the roses…

Especially because the wounded healer Chiron, in Aries from 2019-2027 may be revealing so many sensitivities, and any chinks in your armour of valiant self-determination. I mean you are on a very real healing journey, dealing with your issues (we all have them) & cultivating a healthy relationship with who you are in all your flawed, fabulous glory -for genuine self-acceptance. This is such a beautiful thing, of course.

But also you may have moments of uncharacteristic self-doubt along the way, so it’s important to embrace the times you can just enjoy being you, and tune into that natural state of magnificent self-assurance you are so famous for -and Mars into your 5th house this month could be just the thing.

Meanwhile the New Moon Eclipse of the 10th is in your communication sector, bang on Mercury retrograde which could be interesting. I mean on the one hand this is classic astro for misunderstandings & tetchy disagreements, to do your head in. But also a great opportunity for intelligent, critical thinking to question your own assumptions and hopefully dealing with peeps who are equally open minded; for a cool new perspective on the conversations going on in your life. Maybe mutual understanding, to get each other better or even agree to disagree, to keep the peace?

Also techno issues -if possible avoid dealing with computer/phone issues, social media drama and no signing contracts till Mercury direct from June 25th.

Then the Full Moon of the 25th in your biz sector is perfect, with Jupiter retro to take time to finesse genius professional instincts, and take the time to get the plan right rather than necessarily charging forward just for the sake of it.

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