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So Pluto in your 10th house, of professional accomplishment for the last several years has been quite a learning curve:

Slaying any demons of self doubt, the better to become the master of your vocational Destiny. Even the hard work of ditching any redundant career plans, the better to discover more meaningful goals, has somehow managed to transform your entire career/biz paradigm for the better.

An authentic new sense of what you’re capable of; with an empowering sense of how your personal success can be part of broader change in your chosen field of endeavour. Maybe you are the maverick to shake things up/ inspire the people you work with?

And Pluto briefly in your 11th house of social networking, from last April till June, was a sneak preview of how dramatically you could be part of the broader cultural zeitgeist-to evolve collectively? Or even clean out your friends list, to figure out the genuine crew who are really onside? To be continued, with Pluto charging forward in your 11th house from this Feb-for the next 20 years! Plenty of time to really carve out your niche in the world…

Meanwhile Pluto back into your 10th recently, to complete the transformative process of redefining your biz plan, and finessing personal success for the rest of the year:

I mean with Chiron in your sign, it’s not about forcing yourself to conform to external pressures, to achieve just for the sake of status/ego anxiety or working for the man, know what I mean? More making peace with your true nature, creating a career that honours your genuine strengths and weaknesses. Sans any internalised judgment, of what you think the world expects of you?

Especially Pluto trine Ceres in your practical 6th house, your healthy work ethic sustains a fulfilling lifestyle, instead of burning out.

The better to harness your innate, heathy confidence, for the lucrative opportunities of Jupiter/Destiny Point & Uranus in your prosperity sector. The more you give yourself permission to pursue the dreams that really turn you on, the more you shine as an innovative genius in your field of endeavour. It’s exactly your point of difference, from everyone else that feels so liberating -and make good coin doing it on your own terms.

Especially your ruler Mars, conjunct Venus & Lilith early July, in your 5th house of confident talent. Tuning into the creative process, expressing yourself with raw, unapologetic courage of your convictions feels so good. And maybe some cool creative collabs, to make magic with?

Also Mars into your practical 6th house from July 11th, to leverage all this creative power/shameless self promotion on the day job.

And just so you know, Venus lingers in your 5th until October, to keep your gorgeous, unique talent shining for a while.

Also the 5th is about playful romance-to make love magic with someone just as enticing as you? Not so much heavy commitment issues, as quality time doing fun stuff together, to keep it sweet. And again, love goddess Venus lingering here till October is plenty of time; to coax any flirty frisson on the dating scene/seduction action with your lover into…maybe something more? Or nurturing your existing committed relationship, by making quality time together to keep the sparky chemistry alive?

Then the New Moon of July 18th in your home sector -to nurture family dynamics just as much. Getting along with your tribe, people you live with and shacked up lover feels beautifully simpatico here.

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