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So the two most influential planets for Aries right now, Chiron & Mars are performing seemingly opposite, but beautifully complementary functions as follows:

-The wounded healer Chiron in Aries, exactly sync Saturn status anxiety in your social sector square unpredictable Uranus in your security/income sector this month is triggering. You are highly attuned to any personal sensitivities, where you are feeling uncharacteristically unsure of yourself and your place in the world. But curling up in a ball to feel sorry for yourself is not your style. So the gutsy courage to actually feel vulnerable, as you do the work of humility & self-acceptance, warts & all to be the best version of you as you navigate changing circumstances is your superpower this month. You may not be perfect (who the fuq is?), but you are gorgeous in all your flawed glory…

-You are absolutely loving your sexy ruler Mars in your 5th house of fun, playful creativity, talent, shameless self-promotion & sweet romance from June 12th- July 30th. A fab 6 weeks to energise your healthy lust for life, with magnificent self-assurance, good times and love-life thrills to turn you on. Especially with Venus involved, in July to finesse your natural brilliance at whatever you do, charm & flirty wiles as you go. Yes you deserve to live large, love like you mean it and thrive -you’ve earned it baby!

And I might add that Mars/Venus, exactly conjunct by the 14th is primo dating/mating action -if you’re in love/lust or ready to be, mid-month is super auspicious to get it on.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 10th in your home sector is a lovely moment to bring it back to basics, in terms of harmonising the domestic/family situation. Yes this fully supports shacked up bliss with your partner or seductive moments with a new lover on home turf. And also a reminder to appreciate your family, co-habs and tribe that support you right now-maybe time to let them know you care?

Then the Full Moon of the 24th conjunct Saturn in your social sector has you mindful of where you fit, or not on the scene. Maybe distancing from certain acquaintances who cramp your style or aware of status anxiety, if you happen to be mixing with crew below your vibrational frequency? And certainly appreciative, and bonding more than ever with real, staunch friends & tribe who have your back. Anyway with Jupiter retro in your soul sector, you’re actually feeling kind of introverted, and happy to find your bliss within or only let genuinely inspiring people into your inner sanctum.

Image: Zhang Jingna

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